André Janones has access to Gustavo Bebianno’s cell phone and promises bomb against Bolsonaro: “whoever lives, will see”

“There will be crying and gnashing of teeth,” Janones said on social media, threatening Bolsonaristas with content stored on the cell phone of the former Chief Minister of the General Secretariat.

247 – Re-elected federal deputy André Janones (Avante), who has led a social media campaign against Jair Bolsonaro, reportedly gained access to the cell phone of former government ally and former chief minister of the General Secretariat, Gustavo Bebianno, who died in March. 2020, not before breaking with the government and denouncing the Bolsonaristas.

On Twitter, Janones published a series of photos and wrote threatening a bolsonarista. “Dead people don’t talk, but their cell phones do! Remember that day Carlina? Remember what was said here?”, he wrote, tagging the re-elected federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PL), a close ally of Jair Bolsonaro.

“This is just a frame of a video, and where this one came from, there’s so much more! Just wait! THERE WILL BE CRYING AND GRINDING OF TEETH!” he continued.

“Whoever lives, will see!!!!”, published Janones, posting a photo of Bebianno’s back – also tagging Carlos and Eduardo Bolsonaro. And added: “I WILL DESTROY YOU!”

In another post, Janones commented: “THE END OF THIS STORY WILL BE APOTHEOTIC! I promise!”

Bebianno’s cell phone

In October 2021, journalist Ricardo Noblat stated that the Bebianno’s cell phone was with Paulo Marinho (PSDB), who coordinated the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro and is an alternate for Senator Flávio Bolsonaro. The information was given after the toucan businessman send a threatening message to Jair Bolsonaro, after a confusion occurred at Jovem Pan between the president and his son André Marinho. “When you’re crying in the bathroom, remember Gustavo Bebianno, captain,” said Paulo Marinho. “He hasn’t forgotten you.”

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baby died mysteriously after sending several messages to the Bolsonaro family, regarding a “parallel Abin” that was being set up by councilor Carlos Bolsonaro. Bebianno was also central to the plot of Juiz de Fora (MG), about the alleged stab wound by Adélio Bispo on Jair Bolsonaro. Bebianno has repeatedly said that, curiously, Carlos Bolsonaro participated in only one campaign act: that of Juiz de Fora.

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