Doctor must pay R$ 70,000 for drug in penis to cause woman’s death

A German doctor has been ordered to pay around R$70,000 to a medical insurance company that assisted his lover after she overdosed and died during sexual intercourse. Andreas David Niederbichler, 46, was arrested in 2019 for putting cocaine in his penis before Yvonne M, 38, performed oral sex on him.

At the time, Niederbichler was sentenced to nine years in prison for rape and refused to pay for his wife’s funeral and family compensation, according to the British tabloid Daily Mail. As a result, the woman’s husband and children sued the surgeon and, last year, Niederbichler was ordered to pay 29,500 euros (about R$197,000) as compensation to the victim’s family.

Now a judge in Magdeburg, in Germany, decided that he must also pay the costs of the treatment to the insurance company that rescued the woman. He is currently in rehab.

During the trial, Niederbichler claimed that the woman knew he had put cocaine in his penis. However, the Court rejected the version. In addition to Yvone, Niederbichler is also accused of drugging and raping three other women between September 2015 and February 2018. He allegedly put the drug in champagne glasses, lipsticks and toothpaste.

To the German newspaper Bild, the surgeon confirmed that there were drugs in sexual intercourse, but said that all of them were aware of the fact.

The appeals court has already rejected the appeal and Niederbichler has not presented any new evidence that would compel him to re-examine the case.

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