Driver fined for receiving oral sex while driving

An Australian driver was fined AU$1,087 for driving while receiving oral sex. The act was considered “high risk” by traffic authorities and earned four points for the man driving.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the case took place earlier this month in the northeastern state of Queensland.

An image of the act was posted on a local Facebook group. You can see that the person sitting in the passenger seat has their face down next to the driver’s seat.

On the networks, users debated whether the record was actually a sexual act or whether there was another context.

“Did someone sleep on your lap? Is that why you’re being fined?” one user commented. Another member of the group joked that it was better for the driver to be arrested than to receive the fine at home. “Imagine if it wasn’t the boy’s wife and this fine was sent home to the wife. What a way to get arrested,” he wrote.

The Queensland Department for Transport and Mains told the Daily Mail that “the passenger’s behavior would have resulted in a violation notice relating to passengers not wearing or incorrectly wearing seat belts”.

A department spokesperson said the passenger engaged in “high-risk behaviors” that could lead to a serious or fatal accident.

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