Entrepreneurial couple brings innovative technology to Guarapuava and Region

In addition to the Eyebrow Institute being a pioneer in the Region, the site specializing in eyebrow design has expanded the range of services, offering micropigmentation

Eyebrow Institute (Image: Disclosure)

A couple from Guarapuava who act as entrepreneurs decided to innovate and offer one of the most current machines in the beauty market to customers. The owners of Instituto da Sobrancelha invested in yet another procedure: tattoo removal and micropigmentation.

According to Rodrigo and Leila Bittencourt, the procedure allows the removal of pigments implanted in the skin safely. “The equipment used is registered with Anvisa, is of the highest quality and has excellent results, all combined with exclusive protocols”. To do tattoo removal, lasers “break up” the pigment colors with a high-intensity beam of light.


In addition to the Institute being a pioneer in the Region, the site specializing in eyebrow design today has expanded the range of services offering micropigmentation. Thus, in this procedure you can opt for naturalness, one of the characteristics that made it a reference. Other options are aesthetic treatments to raise self-esteem.

In addition, Rodrigo and Leila say that the dream of franchising the company is already coming to fruition. This is possible because they have a team that is passionate and committed to the brand and the quality of work.

Finally, Instituto da Sobrancelha also changed its address a year ago and has its own parking lot, all with the well-being of customers in mind.

Telephone: (42) 99992-0778

Address: Rua Tiradentes 1201 (center), corner with Guaíra

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