George RR Martin says new book is 75% done

In interview, George RR Martin refuses to give release date ‘I have given up making predictions’

George RR Martinauthor of the books ofA Song of Ice and Firegave details about the finalization of the last book of the saga Winds of Winterin a live stream with the website Random House. According to him, the edition will be one of the biggest compared to the previous ones.

It will likely be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the series. I think I’m about 3/4 of the way through, maybe. But this is not 100% done. So I have to keep working on it. “

When asked about the release date of Winds of Winter,martin explains that he does not want to give predictions.

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“I gave up making predictions [de quando será finalizado]. Because people pressure me and pressure me, ‘when is it going to be done?’ I never lied about those predictions… But I think I overestimate my ability to get things done and underestimate the amount of interruptions.”

Winds of Winter began to be written in 2010. The book is the sixth and penultimate of the saga The Chronicles of ice and Fire. The story will end with the book A Dream of Spring.

Game of Thrones: Book Ending Is Far From Series Ending, Says George RR Martin

the saga books The Chronicles of ice and Fire inspired Game of Thrones (2011) . The HBO-produced series ended in 2019 after eight seasons, however the books remain unfinished. The first was released in 1996 and the fifth and most recent was The Dance of the Dragonsin 2011, which amounts to the show’s fourth season.

martin defines himself as a “gardener” writer, who plants and harvests ideas for his books, which causes changes to arise along the way and explains all the delay in writing.

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In July of this year, George RR Martin wrote on his blog that the new books are a far cry from the events of the TV series game of Thrones(2011) The author states that he is rewriting excerpts and restructuring the story that will maintain few similarities with the series.

“Yes, some of the things you’ve seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones, you’ll see in The Winds of Winter (although maybe not in quite the same way)…but much of the rest will be different,” he wrote.

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