Hideo Kojima says his next project will also have an impact on the film industry

Death Stranding 2 and a game in partnership with Microsoft are two of his current projects

It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima always wanted to be a filmmaker and ended up taking that side of him to games, especially starting with Metal Gear Solid on PS1. In an interview with The Guardian, he said that one of his new projects, “if successful”, will impact even the film industry.

Kojima would be working on at least two projects currently. One of them would be Death Stranding 2 and the other is the project in partnership with Microsoft. One of those two, “if it succeeds, will turn things around, not just the games industry, but the movie industry as well,” Kojima said.

“You can have successful experiments, but there’s a big gap between an experiment and a place where it’s something that becomes part of everyday use.” He goes on to say that from a business point of view, the second or third person to try something new is likely to be commercially successful. “For the first person, everything is difficult. But I want to be the first. I want to remain the first person”, he adds.

Kojima reveals where influence for his games comes from

In this interview, Hideo Kojima also talks about where the influence in creating games with a political bias came from. He says his parents went through World War II. His mother told stories of them walking among bodies in the streets, “eating pieces of tatami mattress when there was no food.”

His father, before he died, showed him documentaries about the Holocaust to demonstrate the human cost of war. “Because of that, I didn’t want to create war-themed shooters. I’ve always been more interested in the context behind the conflict shown on screen. It affected my (creative) process greatly,” says Kojima.

The owner of Kojima Productions has been giving small previews of one of his projects, apparently exclusive to Sony, and that would be Death Stranding 2, tweeting photos with PlayStation bosses and actress Elle Fanning, who will be in his next game. In addition to them, Geoff Keighley, responsible for The Game Awards, was also in conversations with Hideo Kojima. Remembering that the event takes place on December 8th.

Actress Elle Fanning is confirmed in the new game from Kojima Productions

Actress Elle Fanning is confirmed in the new game from Kojima Productions
The developer seems to have already started the work of promoting the sequel to Death Stranding


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