Jennifer Aniston shares hair care and talks about dyeing gray hairs: ‘If you want to, it’s great’ | Hair

In addition to numerous works in television and film, Jennifer Aniston has always been a beauty icon when it comes to hair. No wonder, the cut used by her character in the series Friends even got its own name: The Rachel, a layered cut with many layers that goes back and forth in fashion. The passion for taking care of the wires also seems to have made sense in the business field. Today, Jen owns haircare brand LolaVie, which has just added shampoo and conditioner to its portfolio.

In an interview with the magazine US Glamorour North American sister, the protagonist of The Morning Show opened its own care with the wires. “The secret is to use the right products, which not only deliver performance, but are also formulated with the best ingredients. I try to keep it simple and limit the number of products I use,” he says.

Jennifer-Aniston-natural-hair — Photo: Instagram @jenniferaniston

He also shared what he considers important in the brand’s formulations. “Just like skin, hair needs hydration, moisture and protection. We use squalane, a common ingredient found in skin care products, in our Superfruit Conditioning Complex, which hydrates and seals in moisture and also helps protect hair against environmental stressors. Chia seeds, also a well-known ingredient in slincare, help repair the appearance of existing damage, while protecting hair from future damage,” he explains.

Finally, he also argued about the arrival of gray hair, which can be a taboo for many women, although conversations about ageism have offered more lightness when dealing with gray hairs.

“If you want to go gray, go for it! If you want to keep coloring your hair, that’s great too. I think everyone should feel confident in whatever choice they make, including adopting natural colors or textures. Hair is a creative way to express yourself, and I love that your mood and energy can change with a change of hairstyle, cut or color. Embrace what will make you happy.”

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