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For the moment, that’s the decision: the English came with everything to sign Pablo Maia, São Paulo’s main revelation of the year.

According to Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, Fulham returned the attacks by the midfielder. It is speculated that the amounts are around 7.5 million euros (about R$39 million).

There is a consensus on the part of the board that the value is low compared to what the player can be worth in one or even two years.

There are those who compare the current case of Pablo Maia with the situation experienced by Igor Gomes in 2020. At the time, shirt 25 was almost sold to Real Madrid but remained at Morumbi. Today, many fans believe it is a mistake to hold Pablo and defend accepting a proposal while there is still time.

It’s funny that the situation of Luizão, another athlete on the rise in the tricolor, is similar. However, Pablo already had a renewed contract with São Paulo until December 31, 2024, with a very high termination fine of 50 million euros.

The defender has not yet renewed, weighs the dream of playing in Europe and the “fear” of not appearing a new proposal in the future, influence the young man’s decision.

When asked, Ceni seemed to understand the situation and “conform” with the departure of some players at the end of the season.

– I think the club is trying within the conditions to adjust. Decrease payroll. I don’t see anything to be accelerated, we have the holidays, just over a month to finish the championship, the holidays. We have important names in this situation, Reinaldo, Miranda Luizão… I think that attitudes towards these players should be taken by the end of the season. There are six that win the contract, with Luizão in January and Igor Gomes in March – he explained.

As much as the portals and blogs already crave the exit of these athletes, I can’t do the same.

Knowing the market and the gear that governs the club, anything can still happen!

A rating for libertadores can change everything!

Luizão can be convinced to stay in the project with Ceni and Pablo can receive a fat proposal from Europe, things change.

Now, that’s what we have! There are 5 rounds left for the end of the Brazilian Championship and the team is focused on the spot in the continental tournament, if it comes, we will know what will be done with the duo!

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