Mean Girls: The Deleted Scene That Would Change How We See Regina George

Some fans have rediscovered a deleted scene from the movie where Regina George and Cady Heron face off for the last time – and now we’re even more Regina George fans.

In October we celebrate Mean Girls Day, aka the day Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asks Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) “What day is it?”, and the teenager replies to her crush: “It’s October 3 “. Every new October, the internet returns to debate and extol Mean Girls, a 2004 film that, with all the contradictions of its time (one of the most heated debates is about whether the intense stimulation of female rivalry that this film exposes deserves to be as exalted), even so, it became one of the great landmarks of pop culture of the 2000s.

This year was not different. But a recent discovery made by fans of the film has many people perplexed: a scene in which Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and Cady Heron face off for the last time was cut from the final version, and when resurrecting that clash, many people wondered if it could have changed viewers’ view of the villain we hate to love.

How would the deleted scene from Mean Girls have completely changed the movie?


The deleted scene from Mean Girls begins with Cady and her friends attending the senior prom, where she is crowned prom queen. Cady goes to the school bathroom and Regina suddenly appears behind her in the mirror, in the most sinister way possible. It’s the first time Regina and Cady have met since the accident – in which Rachel MacAdams’ villain is hit by a school bus – and the atmosphere between them is anything but friendly.

But in the deleted scene we see an apology from Cady and a very Zen-like Regina George forgiving her, and not just because she’s high on all her painkillers. We get a brief glimpse into Regina George’s inner life as she tells a story from her childhood and more or less gives Cady a blessing to start a relationship with Aaron (her ex).

Regina has become iconic and is referenced in several films, including Netflix’s new hit The Punishers. But, Mean Girls portrays her only as a superficial preppy, which intentionally or not, does not give the necessary complexity to understand this character and her motivations to act the way she does. In this brief scene, which unfortunately was not included in the film, we see a different facet of her that would have served to complete her development as a person throughout the film, as well as showing the necessary confrontation between her and Cady that we unfortunately miss in the film – which in the original, is limited to Cady witnessing her antagonist being run over.

In this deleted scene, we can see that Regina is very fond of Cady as a person. Regina trusted her, accepted her into her circle of friends, and was truly hurt, an experience that may have changed her forever. As confirmation of the importance of this scene for the development of female characters, the Broadway musical for Tina Fey’s film, Mean Girlcontains exactly that scene and thus shows the complexity of Regina’s personality and the beginning of her friendship with Cady.

But with the scene deleted, Regina George remains one of cinema’s most iconic villains – and she has our whole heart. Mean Girls is available on Prime Video.

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