MP RO contest: commission formed! know more

good news about MP RO contest! The commission for the next contest of the Public Ministry of Rondônia is formed. The commission was established by Ordinance No. 1924/PGJ, published this Tuesday, October 25th.

O MP RO contestthe regulation is already published. It is expected that the public notice will offer opportunities for positions in the Information Technology (IT) area, such as Programmer Analyst, Network and Data Communication Analyst, Systems Analyst and Computer Support Analyst, in addition to other vacancies for the positions of Accounting Analyst, Audit Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Journalism Analyst and Physician.

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MP RO contest: commission formed

The commission was established by Ordinance No. 1924/PGJ and is made up of three members and two civil servants. The commission will act on construction and related discussions:

  • To the filling of the positions;
  • The nature of assignments;

In addition, the commission will also coordinate and supervise all administrative acts, such as hiring the company that will be responsible for carrying out the contest.

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