National Geographic features stories that invite audiences to act for the planet

Watch Thayana OG’s video: Here
As part of the campaign What You Do MattersNational Geographic presents the ”scale for good”, a collection of stories that invites the public to follow the transformative journeys of three influencers from Latin America: the Brazilian actress, youtuber and UNICEF ambassador Thaynara Oliveira Gomes; Argentine writer and psychologist Magali Tajesand the Mexican actor Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco.

In the videos already available on Youtube, Thaynara OG, Magali and Gonzalo take advantage of their stopovers to connect with National Geographic explorers. They leave the airport to take advantage of the waiting time between one flight and another, and learn about environmental impact projects, understanding how they can contribute to the care of Planet Earth.

Watch the video of Magalí Tajes: Here
Watch the video by Gonzalo García Vivanco: Here

In Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Thaynara OG joins Brazilian explorers Marcelo Rheingantz, from the “Rio Go Wild” project, and Leonardo Lanna, from the “Mantis Project”. In Medellín (Colombia), Magalí meets Colombian explorer and ecologist Ana María Benavides to find out all about her work to conserve endangered plants in the city’s Botanical Garden. Gonzalo arrives in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) to learn about the coral restoration project in the Pacific by Mexican explorers and marine biologists Paola Rodríguez Troncoso and Violeta Martínez Castillo.

With this initiative, influencers highlight the importance of being aware of the impact of our actions and why it is urgent to reduce the carbon footprint. The videos are available on Youtube, National Geographic’s social networks, and will also be shown on National Geographic, Star Channel, Cinecanal and FX.

In addition to “Escala para o bem”, National Geographic has other actions to bring public attention to relevant topics, such as climate change. Check it out below.

Content on Disney+ and the National Geographic channel

Learn and discover how to help take care of the Earth through productions available on streaming and TV. Disney+ has a wide range of interesting series, movies and documentaries, such as The Adventures of Bertie Gregory, Greta Thunberg Greta: the future is today and I Am Greta. Also noteworthy are the Impacto series with Gal Gadot, and the documentaries The Last Ice, Into the Okavango and Before it’s too late.

National Geographic’s linear channel, meanwhile, will feature special weather-related programming on weekends in October.

What You Do Matters

These initiatives are part of the What You Do Matters campaign, which – through multiple platforms and various initiatives – seeks to make its audience aware of the importance of collective action for the planet. Learn more at:

In addition, in line with this commitment and in compensation for the carbon footprint generated by the “Scale for Good” initiative, National Geographic is carrying out a project to plant trees in native forests of Latin America.

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