Netizens echo Janones’ post about Bebianno’s cell phone: ‘they will have to build another pavilion in Papuda’

“It’s over Jair,” wrote one person on Twitter. “May the bolsonaristas hold on,” said another user. More reactions edit

247 – Netizens highlighted this Tuesday (25) the importance of possible messages from the former Chief Minister of the General Secretariat Gustavo Bebianno, who died in March 2020. Re-elected federal deputy André Janones (Avante-MG) informed that he had access to the content of the former minister and warned of the seriousness of the information.

A profile on Twitter said that, after the cell phone messages were released, “they will have to build another pavilion in Papuda”, a reference to the Papuda Penitentiary Complex, in the Federal District.

“It’s over Jair,” wrote another user.

“May the bolsonaristas hold on,” said one person.

Another netizen said “more bombs over Bolsonaro’s head”.

One person wrote: “anxious to know what’s on Bebiano’s cell phone as well as Adriano de Nóbrega’s”. The user referred to Adriano da Nóbrega, head of the Crime Office, a group of professional killers in Rio.

Nóbrega died during a confrontation with police officers in Bahia, in February 2020. Both the policeman’s mother and ex-wife worked for the office of Flávio Bolsonaro (Pl-RJ) when the current senator occupied a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Rio ( alerj).

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