Nubank can unlock up to BRL 5,000 in your account TODAY (25/10)

O Nubank is one of the most requested digital banks by Brazilians today. This is because, in addition to the various advantages available to customers, the bank grants autonomy to users, such as, for example, adjusting the credit card limit.

A recent fintech release allows users to unlock up to BRL 5,000 in the app simply and quickly.

With the amount unlocked, the bank’s customers can pay bills and settle debts. In addition, it is possible to supplement income, make purchases, invest in other financial investments, among other possibilities.

How to receive BRL 5,000 in the Nubank app?

As already mentioned, the unlocking up to R$5,000 at Nubank It is very practical, the customer who wants to increase the limit of their credit card must use part of the balance available in their digital account.

For example, if a person needs BRL 300 to make a purchase, they simply deposit this amount in the bank and convert it into a limit on the card.

However, after the transaction is completed, the amount is unavailable in the digital account until the card invoice is paid. Once the debt is paid off, the customer has access to the balance again, being able to use it as a credit card limit or make it available in the fintech account.

Nubank informs that it is possible to use a balance of up to BRL 5 thousand in the function that helps the customer to build a credit card limit. In any case, it is worth mentioning that if the payment of the invoice is not made, the value of the account will be used to pay off the debt made with the card. In addition, the customer will be subject to additional penalties and interest.

Step by step on how to unlock the BRL 5,000

Citizens can convert their Nubank balance into a credit card limit through the Nubank application.

Check below the list with the complete step-by-step to release the limit of BRL 5,000; Look:

  • First, access the Nubank app;
  • After that, on the home screen, click on the “credit cards” area;
  • Then choose the “adjust limit” option;
  • Now tap on the “book as limit” tab;
  • At this stage, you must inform the desired amount (with a limit of R$ 5 thousand);
  • finished! In a few seconds, the new limit will be available on the card.

How to check the money in the Nubank account?

the customer of Nubank You can check your account balance through the app itself, on the home screen. Just access the digital platform and enter the digital account tab. In addition, you can view the account statement.

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