Nubank releases ADDITIONAL LIMIT for card payments

O Nubank announced this Tuesday, 25th, the launch of the “Additional Limit“, to be used for payment of slips with credit card. The novelty allows customers of the fintech have an extra value to make transactions of this type without having to compromise the limit defined in the purple until then.

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THE fintech explains that the new feature will be rolled out gradually to customers in the coming weeks and that, for that, the application must be updated. That way, at least in the beginning, only a small group will have access to the Additional Limit.

According to the digital bank, there are numerous advantages of using a credit card in payment of tickets. They include: centralizing all expenses in a single invoice, practicality in paying bills in installments on the card and the possibility of anticipating installments.

Learn how to use the Nubank Card’s Additional Limit

In short, the Additional Limit changes from person to person, as Nubank will consider the same criteria analyzed for granting the normal credit card limit.

To verify the value of the Additional Limit enabled, the customer just needs to check it when making this type of payment. See the step by step below:

  • Access the Nubank application;
  • Then, on the app’s home screen, click on “Pay”;
  • Select the option “Pay slips” and then scan the slip or enter the barcode manually;
  • Tap on “Choose payment method”. If you have an additional limit available, you will see this information from this screen;
  • Select the “Credit card” option and then choose how many times you want to pay in installments;
  • Check all the information, go to “Pay” and enter your password.

Bearing in mind that the Additional Limit released by the bank may change over time, according to the volume of purchases made with a payment slip on the card and the customer’s financial history.

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