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And another chapter in the book of controversies of ‘Don’t Worry, Honey’ began: Olivia Wilde, director and actress of the long, backtracked on her opinion about the buzz around the sex scenes in the film.

In August, the protagonist Florence Pugh was very annoyed with the importance that viewers gave to these racy sequences, and went so far as to say that the project was “bigger and better than that”. Wilde disagreed with her colleague at the time; but she ended up changing her mind now and is being criticized a lot for it.

Florence Pugh (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) — Photo: Monet

Olivia Wilde (Photo: Getty Images) — Photo: Monet

Florence had shared her point of view with the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar. “When the movie is reduced to its sex scenes, or watching the most famous man in the world fall on someone – that’s not why we did this project,” said the famous of her discomfort with the hypersexualized way the film is. with Harry Styles, a One Direction star and Olivia’s boyfriend, was being marketed. “That’s not why I’m in this industry.”

The actress, however, pointed out that this was already expected. “Obviously, having hired the most famous pop star in the world, you’re going to get comments like that,” Florence said, again referring to Harry. “That’s not what I’m going to discuss because [este filme é] bigger and better than that. And the people who made it are bigger and better than that.”

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh’s intense kiss in Don’t Worry Darling (2021), directed by Olivia Wilde (Photo: Reproduction) — Photo: Monet

Just a few days later, the American magazine Variety published an interview with Olivia that made it clear that the two actresses’ perspectives were quite different. “It’s all about immediacy and extreme passion for each other. The impractical nature of their sex speaks to their fierce desire for each other,” said the filmmaker.

“I think it’s an integral part of the story itself and how the audience should connect with them. [os protagonistas]. My first conversations with the cast were about how the audience has to buy the costume,” continued the director, who then revealed that she wanted more steamy scenes to make it into the trailer – but the studio wouldn’t allow it.

In a new interview with the shewhich was published Oct. 13, Olivia said it was “ironic” how the rant around female pleasure in ‘Don’t Worry Honey’ overshadowed the film’s story, and agreed with Florence saying the film is “bigger and better.” ” than that.

Olivia Wilde in Don’t Worry Honey (Photo: Release) — Photo: Monet

“It’s interesting, because Florence very wisely pointed out that a lot of attention was paid to the sex scenes. And I think she’s so right,” Olivia said. “I completely agree with her that this is overshadowing everything else in the film; which is so interestingly ironic, because one of the uses of sex in Victory [a vila onde o longa se passa] It’s like a distraction tool.”

“When Florence pointed out that this movie is so much bigger and better than just the sex scenes – I was so glad she said that, because I feel the same way,” added the actress.

Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde in Don’t Worry Honey (Photo: Release) — Photo: Monet

As soon as the chat was aired, the internet fell on top of the filmmaker, pointing out all her incongruity. “The only person who ever made ‘Don’t Worry Honey’ about sex and female pleasure was Olivia Wilde, and now she’s backtracking saying she agreed with Florence even though she continued to make those comments after her statement?” one person tweeted.

“I think Olivia Wilde doesn’t realize that everything she says on the internet stays on the internet,” quipped another netizen.

So far, Olivia Wilde has yet to comment on what happened.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first controversy involving the director and Florence Pugh: alleged “screaming wars” took place between the actresses on the set. However, everything was denied by team members.

‘Don’t Worry Honey’ is playing in theaters worldwide. Check out the trailer that caused mixed opinions:

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