VAR audio explains no penalty kick in Flamengo vs Santos

CBF released this morning the VAR audio in Flamengo’s 3-2 victory against Santos, yesterday, at Maracanã, for the Brazilian Championship. Peixe left the field complaining a lot about the referee André Luiz de Freitas Castro, who didn’t give a supposed penalty by Matheuzinho in Camacho, in the 48th minute of the first half, when the score was 0 to 0 – following the move, Pedro opened the scoring for the red-black.

“The foot stops to the side and he trips over his foot”, says Adriano Milczvski, the match’s VAR.

In the audio, it is possible to hear a conversation between Adriano and Luciano Roggenbaum, VAR assistant, and they conclude that there was ‘no impact’ for the penalty.

Check out the dialog:

Hadrian Milczvski: “The leg is already stationary. The foot stops to the side and he trips over the foot. He doesn’t quite hit it, right?”

Luciano Roggenbaum: “Is this contact without any impact, Adriano?”

Adriano Milczvski: “No impact at all”

Luciano Roggenbaum: “Perfect”

Luciano Roggenbaum: “That’s right. A camera. Watch this impact, Adriano”

Adriano Milczvski: “I don’t see any impact here. The leg is already stationary. There’s a contact there. It comes back a little bit. That knee with knee there”

Luciano Roggenbaum: “And André is on top of the play too, you can see. Watch André watching the play well”

Hadrian Milczvski: “The leg is already there. As he turns this way, he’s going to bump into the defender. For me, normal throw”

Referees are dismissed by CBF

The CBF announced this morning that it had suspended the referees involved. With the decision, André Luiz Freitas Castro (field referee) and Adriano Milczvski (VAR) were placed in the entity’s “Referee Performance Assistance Program (PADA)” — a kind of “refrigerator”.

Read the CBF note

The CBF Refereeing Commission informs that referee Andre Luiz de Freitas Castro and VAR Adriano Milczvski were included in the Referee Performance Assistance Program (PADA). The decision was made after analyzing the performance of both during the match between Flamengo and Santos, for the Brasileirão Assaí 2022.

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