WhatsApp finally launches update that everyone was waiting for

One of social networks most used apps in the world now belongs to the Meta group, which also manages Facebook and Instagram. Not even Mark Zuckerberg himself imagined how far he would get with these innovations. With a team of experts capable of developing digital tools quickly, WhatsApp’s improvements in recent months have been remarkable.

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Getting rid of unnecessary charges

It’s common to find situations where people are charged for a quick response for simply being ”Online” in the app. However, this even causes an embarrassment, given that no one owes satisfaction about their digital presence.

Even if it is at work, there is a certain lack of consideration, but until recently there was nothing to be done, because it was enough to access the platform that everyone was aware of.

Browsing WhatsApp anonymously

Now the Whatsapp allows you to activate an incognito browsing model, preventing your contacts from seeing your access. Therefore, it is much easier to enter the social network without carrying the guilt of not having responded to everyone promptly. Another positive point is that you also stop seeing the status of friends, completely forgetting the possibility that one has been ignored for a few hours.

Privacy beyond data sharing

This change is a new measure to promote user privacy and autonomy. THE data security It’s not just about the risk of a hacker stealing your information, but how uncomfortable your exposure is. Everyone’s experience on the internet needs to be smooth and that’s what the main tech companies want to awaken.

To deactivate your ”Online” status, access the ”Settings” menu and click on ”Account”, accessing the ”Privacy” area and finally the option of ”Last seen and online” ”. Among the options ”Everyone”, ”My contacts”, ”My contacts except…” and ”Nobody”, choose the last one.

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