Will Vítor Pereira stay at Corinthians? Management awaits response and sees Vojvoda with affection

the board of Corinthians still doesn’t have the answer about the permanence of coach Vítor Pereira in the alvinegro club and also won’t move in the market until the definition. However, if his current coach leaves the club, a name that pleases Timão a lot: Juan Pablo Vojvoda, from Fortaleza.

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About a month ago, the thing! brought that the Corinthian summit liked the Argentine coach, as I saw in him a profile similar to that of a VP, especially when he embraced projects and bought the ideas of the teams he worked for. However, the information received is that Vojvoda was in the process of contract renewal forwarded with Leão do Pici, which would make a possible negotiation difficult.

Even so, the management of Corinthians has never made any move by Vojvoda, not even informal monitoring, until now. The attitude of the Corinthians board is to go to the limit of possibilities to keep Vítor Pereira, even knowing that the reason that can make the coach leave the club is personal and goes beyond any effort that the football department can make.

In recent weeks, Vítor even signaled his desire to stay at Timão, which greatly encouraged the direction, which at all times bet on it. However, during the program “Os Donos da Bola” this Tuesday (25), the presenter and former Corinthians player Neto said that Pereira will not be on the Parque São Jorge team in 2023. don’t get beaten, the People’s Team doesn’t go to the market for a new coach.

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