🚨 BLACK FRIDAY LEVEL | iPhone 11 for one of the lowest prices in history in Magalu

Anyone who wants an Apple cell phone, but still hasn’t saved up the money to buy a newer model, now has an opportunity to take home the iPhone 11 for a very cheap price at Magazine Luiza.

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About iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 remains one of Apple’s best smartphones for anyone looking for a branded device. It has several of the company’s most innovative technologies, such as facial recognition unlocking using Face ID and the screen taking up almost the entire front of the phone, with no border at the bottom.

The cell phone comes equipped with the A13 Bionic processor combined with the iOS operating system, it maintains the company’s good history of making powerful phones capable of smoothly running all applications and games available on the App Store. You are also guaranteed that you will receive updates for many years and you won’t have to change your device because it becomes incompatible with newer apps. This is one of Apple’s main differentiators from competitors.

Compared to older models, the iPhone 11 also stands out for having a dual set of cameras on the back, one of which is an ultrawide sensor for taking pictures with an expanded field of view. The cameras also have night mode and post-processing enhanced by artificial intelligence that guarantees great results even in low-light locations.

🛒 Buy the iPhone 11 for R$ 3,068 at Magazine Luiza

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