AMD RDNA 3 GPUs will be Vulkan 1.3 Ready; confirmed support on RX 7000 series

The announcement took place on the Khronos Group website, where Vulkan 1.3 support is listed.

Support for Vulkan 1.3 For the next Radeon RX 7000 and the respective Navi 3x GPUs. AMD confirms that its RDNA 3 GPUs will arrive with better performance and efficiency later this year. Senior Vice President of Engineering David Wang said that the upcoming RX 7000 GPUs will deliver up to 50% more performance.

The company has been working to get its GPUs ready with support for the latest APIs across multiple operating systems. Some of the key features that AMD highlighted from RDNA 3:

  • advanced chiplet
  • Rearchitected computing unit
  • New generation AMD Infinity Cache
  • Improved ray tracing capability

The company also posted on its Twitter account @Radeon that there will be an event on November 3rd to announce more news, calling all gamers and creators the announcement was made with the phrase “Together we will advance the games“.

Introducing Vulkan

THE Vulkan is an API created as a successor to the OpenGL and a response to DirectX 12, which dominated the API market until then. This line of APIs is focused on low-level instructions, with the objective of reducing CPU overhead, that is, making better use of all the processor cores, instead of throwing almost all the work on one of the cores.

Currently, the Vulkan is a good alternative if the GPU has low performance using the DirectX 12. We explain in detail here at Adrenaline what was the launch of Vulkan and how it changed the PC gaming market, check out the full article below.

Understand what Vulkan is and why it can change the PC gaming market

Understand what Vulkan is and why it can change the PC gaming market
Vulkan is the successor to OpenGL and is focused on low-level instructions


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Via: wccftech, videocardz Source: Khronos Group

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