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A&E and history offer the best entertainment, both on linear platforms and on-demand services. Check below the main TV attractions for this weekend, from October 28 to 30 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):

10/28, Friday, 11:40 pm – A&E Movies screens The Most Wanted Man, an adaptation of a novel by John le Carré

In the spy plot The Most Wanted Man, featured on this Friday’s A&E Movies track, an immigrant of Chechen and Russian origin, after being brutally tortured, makes a trip to the Islamic community of Hamburg, claiming the great inheritance that his father would have left him. . The arrival of this man arouses the curiosity of the German and American secret police, who start to follow his steps. The investigation is advancing, but the question remains about the immigrant, whether he would be a victim or an extremist with a very well-crafted plan. The cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), Robin Wright (House of Cards) and Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse). The feature is directed by photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, known for music videos by the bands U2, Depeche Mode and Nirvana, among others.

The Most Wanted Man (2014, UK/USA/Germany)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Directed by: Anton Corbijn

Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Daniel Brühl, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe

Indicative Rating: 12 years

10/29, Saturday, 11:50 pm – Starring Tom Hardy, the drama Locke is featured on the track A&E Movies

This Saturday, A&E Movies airs the drama Locke, directed by Steven Knight, best known for writing the scripts for features such as Spencer, Beautiful and Dirty Things, Redemption and also the series Peaky Blinders. Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy, Venom, Dunkirk, Mad Max: Fury Road) is a dedicated family man and successful construction supervisor. The night before the biggest challenge of his career, he receives a call that sets off a series of events that threaten his very existence.

Locke (Locke, 2013, UK/US)

Genre: drama

Directed by: Steven Knight

Cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman (narration), Ruth Wilson (narration)

IC: 14

SEASON END – 10/30, Sunday, 10:55 pm – New episodes dedicated to Uncle Luke and Ja Rule close the Origins of Hip Hop series

The A&E docuseries Origins of Hip Hop, which highlights Hip Hop’s most celebrated and innovative stars, comes to an end this Sunday. Artists themselves, such as Busta Rhymes, Eve, Fat Joe, Grandmaster Flash, Ice-T and Ja Rule, share the experiences that made them legendary. In eight episodes, Origins of Hip Hop explores the inspiring stories and origins of the genre’s most iconic stars. Collaborators, friends, family and exclusive testimonials from these artists take viewers back to the beginning of their trajectories and how they traced the path to success. Through interviews, each of them reflects on different moments of their careers, the obstacles they have overcome and the lessons learned along the way. A&E airs the last two episodes this Sunday.

The first of these is Uncle Luke. 2 Live Crew leader and controversial hip-hop pioneer Luther Campbell rose to fame when he single-handedly changed the face of music in two ways: birthing southern hip-hop and fighting for musicians’ First Amendment rights. . Known as the boldest man in hip hop, Luke was a musical genius: his activism, drive and perseverance for constitutional rights changed hip hop and the law books forever. Then the episode dedicated to Ja Rule ends the series. Ja Rule ruled the airwaves in the late 90s and early 2000s, being considered the King of Hip Hop anthems. With some of the biggest collaborations the industry has ever seen, Ja was reigning on the charts, until it all fell apart. IC: 14

PREMIERE – 10/28, Friday, 22:10 – New special presented by ufologist Jaime Maussan investigates the mysteries of Mars

Throughout the month of October, History shows never-before-seen specials that accompany Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, in the investigation of mysterious cases, including abductions, disappearances and unexplained phenomena. In today’s special, Voyages to Mars (Viajes a Marte), Maussan tries to unravel the mysteries of the red planet, in addition to researching various experiments to test the possibility of life on that planet. Andrew Bassagio talks about the “Pegasus” project, which included trips to Mars. Images captured by space probes show what appears to be remnants of a civilization. Cosmonaut Marina Popovich recounts how a probe recorded a gigantic shadow on the moon Phobos. Indicative Rating: 10

10/29, Saturday, 9:15 pm – Inexplicable: with William Shatner investigates the secrets hidden in abandoned places

UnXplained with William Shatner (The UnXplained with William Shatner) is back in History for its third season. The series from the producers of Ancient Aliens is hosted by the Emmy, Golden Globe and Star Trek icon. In the new wave of episodes, the star continues to show the public the most intriguing and impactful mysteries that have impressed humanity for decades. They are haunting and surprising stories about the inexplicable, bringing scientific analysis of the most mysterious events in history, including incredible legends. Along with Shatner, experts, historians and researchers will seek to reveal what lies behind UFO encounters, sudden disappearances, demonic possessions and other paranormal happenings that have troubled the entire planet.

In this Saturday’s never-before-seen episode, Secrets of Abandoned Places, From Ancient Babylonians to Modern Urban Explorers, humanity has always been fascinated by abandoned places. What will your magnetism be? Are they just morbid, post-apocalyptic curiosities? Or could these places really have a certain “magic”, as ancient people believed? IC: 10

10/29, Saturday, 10:05 pm – Impressive ghost stories are the subject of a never-before-seen episode of Inexplicable Latin America with Danton Mello

History exclusively shows the second season of IneXplicável América Latina (Unxplained Latam), which in this edition is presented by Brazilian actor Danton Mello. With an extensive career in TV and film, Danton now leads the series in which the best scientists and experts analyze mysterious and inexplicable events in Latin America. Among them, some Brazilian cases, such as the city of Cândido Godói in Rio Grande do Sul, where 35% of the population is made up of twins. This season, Inexplicable Latin America with Danton Mello investigates the stories of strange characters from the region, among ghosts and peculiar creatures, immortal beings, enigmas of different peoples, religious miracles, cases of time travel and mysteries of the human mind. Testimonials from scientists, historians, experts, researchers of paranormal phenomena and UFO scholars give their opinion on each unexplained event, so that the viewer can come to his own conclusion. With archival material, recreations and interviews, the series delves into Latin American mysteries that still have no answers.

Today’s episode is Ghosts. Ghost stories exist in all cultures and at all times. Perhaps this is due to humanity’s historical desire to live eternally. Or maybe it’s proof that there really is something more on the other side. Throughout the episode, Danton Mello presents impressive cases from several Latin American countries, among them the emergence of Dogma, the first group of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters in Argentina and the continent. IC: 10

SEASON END – 10/30, Sunday, 11:55 pm – The latest episode of The Presidency of the United States by Bill Clinton explores the power of presidents over the economy

The Presidency of the United States by Bill Clinton (American Presidency with Bill Clinton), which ends this Sunday, is a six-part History series hosted by one of the most remembered and admired former presidents of the United States. Through her experience and beliefs on important issues, Clinton explores the history of the US presidency and the struggle for a more perfect nation. For this, the production evaluates six themes: race, extremism, battle for rights, presidential vision and economic power.

The final episode of the series, Building the Economy, explores how different US presidents exercised their power over the economy through government action. What effects have taxes, restrictions on imports, exports and laws had on the citizens’ economy? How can presidential measures create more opportunities for people? IC: 14

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