Denilson detonates refereeing after hearing VAR audio in Fla x Santos

After the CBF released the VAR audio of the match between Flamengo and Santos for the Brazilian Championship, the former player Denilson was outraged by a penalty that was not scored in favor of the white-and-white from the beach.

The commentator gave a strong opinion during Band’s “Jogo Aberto” program this Wednesday.

In the audio released it is possible to hear the referee in the booth justifying that Matheuzinho’s leg, from Flamengo, was stopped when he knocked Camacho, from Santos. Denílson completely disagreed with the justification.

“It’s unanimous (that it was a penalty). The explanation of the bid is vexing for the referee. The reading is completely shameful. At some point, he says: ‘the leg is already there’, but Camacho bumps into Matheuzinho!” criticized.

Subsequently, Denílson also complained about the position of the field referee that, according to him, could have avoided the controversy.

“The move is very easy, in real time you can already see that it’s a penalty. The referee, very well positioned, leans on VAR and doesn’t make the decision. Make the decision there, man, have a little more personality!” fired the commentator.

The game between Flamengo and Santos ended with a 3-2 victory for the rubro-negro. After the match ended, the CBF removed the refereeing team.

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