Hamilton says he will renew with Mercedes; see F1 schedule in Mexico – 10/27/2022

It works like this for a long time: great F1 drivers choose a few press vehicles and, once a year, call them for a long interview. On the one hand, they avoid insisting on one-off requests throughout the season. The bargaining chip is opening the heart.

Hamilton spoke in Austin – “Autosport” was there and published the interview on Thursday. He left no questions unanswered. He talked about the drama of the end of 2021, the doubts that surrounded him soon after, the difficulties with this year’s car, the cost ceiling controversy… But the main news is the confirmation that he will renew the contract with Mercedes .

“We will sign a new contract. We will sit down for the next few months and discuss it. My aim is to continue with Mercedes. They have been my family since I was 13. They are really my family: Mercedes-Benz is my family,” he said. the seven-time champion, with all these emphases, as if to leave no doubt about his intentions.

The current commitment, signed last year, expires at the end of 2023.

The interview makes something very clear: the failure of 2022 has shaken the pride of the Englishman and he doesn’t even want to think about the possibility of leaving F1 a veteran in decay. He wants to come out on top. What’s more, he doesn’t want to just go out and leave Mercedes in the lurch.

“They stood by me through my joys and sorrows. They stood by me when I got kicked out of school. They stood by me through everything that happened in 2020. They stood by me when I messed up and the shit that came out in the press They have been by my side through the ups and downs. I believe in this brand. I believe in the people who are here. I want to be the best possible colleague for them because I believe we can make this brand even better, more inclusive and stronger than it already is. I want to be an integral part of it,” he said.

On the reflexes of Abu Dhabi, he said that he never really thought about quitting, that it’s not easy to give up. But he said he was very disappointed with the sport and the people who run it — or ran it at the end of last season. “You expect the work to be done well. And suddenly the decision of a championship in which so many people worked hard happens like that, because of someone’s mistake… I spent that time with my family, which is what made me recovered. If it weren’t for them, I would still be in a hole.”

lweee - Formula 1 - Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen shake hands after the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP

Image: Formula 1

Asked if he thinks Masi acted intentionally to harm him, he began to respond erratically, but in the end he denied: “I don’t know. It’s been a long time… I think it was a mistake in the decision-making process. I know there’s a lot of ego involved, a lot of people making guesses. But I don’t think it was particularly directed.”

The soap opera of Red Bull’s budget ceiling burst, according to him, revived feelings that were already buried: “Everything has been reborn again. Now I’m going to have to go through that phase again of getting over the matter and moving on.”

What about the W23 problems? Your answers are curious. He says that the chip has already sunk in the winter tests. “Realizing that nothing was working and that the car kept bouncing was hard for everyone. But all this made the team stronger and more united. I learned not to lose hope, to arrive at the races with the lowest expectations”, he said. .

It’s always good to hear what Hamilton has to say. Even better is to see him eager to continue in F1. It’s a guarantee of quality riding for a few more years.

The full text is here, and it will certainly be the subject of your arrival in the Mexico City paddock. The Englishman won twice there, in 2016 and 2019.

The biggest winner is Verstappen: three times, in 2017, 2018 and 2021. But something tells me that Red Bull will do their best to give victory on Sunday to local hero Pérez.

There are huge expectations there. The last few days were full of Mexican events across the country. Yesterday, he showed off his specially painted helmet for the race. You can’t help but remember Barrichello before the races at Interlagos. See if you have better luck…

The Mexican GP schedule is here, in the fine line of the pilotoons.

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Mexico GP schedule

Image: Pilotoons

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