Henry comments on Gabriel Jesus’ gunnery nose: ‘I expect more’

Despite the devastating start at Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus is experiencing his first goal fast for the English club. And without the Brazilian’s goals in recent games, the Gunners still stumbled in the Premier League and saw their first-place advantage over City drop to two points. The Jesus phase generated an assessment of the team’s idol, Thierry Henry.

“He came in and scored three goals, created chances, made others around him play better. But I’m still not convinced he’ll score 20 goals in the league, because if he’s capable of that, then why didn’t he at City, in a better team? I think he had enough opportunities with Guardiola. He’s not someone who scores goals nonstop,” said the Frenchman.

For the Citizens, Gabriel’s best record in the Premier League was 14 goals. By season, the Brazilian lived his best phase in 2018/19, with 21 goals and 2019/20, scoring 23.

Still, Henry continued. “He’s someone who loves to score goals and likes to connect, he’s been brilliant at it, very strong holding the ball. He’s scored three goals in five games – which is brilliant – but you expect him to score more. great reinforcement.”

Regarding the recent fast, Jesus said he was calm about it and focused on swinging the nets again. “It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. This is football. I don’t want it to be like that. I want to improve. Next game I’ll try again and 100% I’ll score.”

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