Igor’s Lab Blames NVIDIA’s 16-Pin Adapter for Burnt Connectors on RTX 4090

NVIDIA has not yet officially positioned itself identifying the problem

THE NVIDIA has not yet taken an official position on the situation of melting plugs in some models of the new GeForce RTX 4090 nor did it disclose the root of the problems. What is known, for now, is that the company is working on investigating and solving the problem. While there’s no formal pronouncement on it, other experts are trying to pinpoint what’s causing the connection to melt. the german portal Igor’sLAB published, this Thursday (27), an analysis of the problem and pointed out how primarily responsible for the quality of the 16-pin adapter that comes with the GPU.

The portal opines that NVIDIA should not know how the contact’s supplier shaped the object, because if they did, they would not have approved the construction.

Plug construction may be the cause of melting on GeForce RTX 4090

Below is the diagram, provided portal Igor’sLAB, from NVIDIA’s adapter block system, where the top six yellow connections are the ones of interest for analysis. All 12V pins are connected to each other and also to the four power wires.

After removing a few layers of cables fitted to the plug, Igor’sLAB came to the conclusion that the problem is being caused in the way the object is constructed. The portal explains that four thick 14AWG wires are divided into six contacts, the two outer terminals being soldered to one pin each and the two central ones to two pins each. See the image below.

The portal explains that even a subtle movement can cause damage to the structure, so unsafe contacts or bridges that result in increased resistance can be dangerous and end up causing the problems presented. With the connector structure exposed (image below) it is possible to notice that the contacts are interconnected again in the connector. If the outer wires are broken, for example, all current will flow through the remaining wires and then re-distribute inside the plug, which can result in local overheating and melting.

The problem is the plug and not the 12VHPWR

The portal’s conclusion is that the problem in NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 it is not the 12VHPWR format, but the plug distributed by NVIDIA models. O Igor’sLAB still cites as an example native 12VHPWR cables from sources in which the plug construction is different and which does not generate overheating problems.

The full article from the portal Igor’sLAB can be accessed at this link

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