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Jeez! Anne Hathaway called her colleague Jared Leto, the controversial Joker from ‘Suicide Squad’, among so many extravagant roles, a weirdo. The two worked together on the miniseries ‘WeCrashed’ and the actress had a lot to say about her experience with the star – who is well known in Hollywood for being an adherent of what is called Method, that is, he only gets out of character when the recordings are done. are finalized.

Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in the miniseries WeCrashed — Photo: Disclosure

Hathaway was asked on the US talk show ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ about what it was like to share the screen with notorious Method Actors such as Jared Leto and Jeremy Strong, with whom she starred in ‘Armageddon Time’ (2022).

“It’s so fun because I’m not the weirdest on set,” she said. “It’s great because they’re both so bold and so good. When someone is like that, it kind of shakes me up, I can be a little shy sometimes when I don’t know these talented people that well yet.”

Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The star had already revealed in an interview with ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ that he managed, just once, to get Leto out of his character. She said that she respects the way her colleague works, but that she couldn’t help but make a joke about one of his latest works – ‘Casa Gucci’ (2021), in which the star emerged unrecognizable as Paolo Gucci – and made the singer too. come out of the ‘persona’ and die of laughter.

Leto is known for his on-set extravaganzas. The actor behaved so bizarrely on the set of ‘Morbius’ (2022) that he ended up delaying the production schedule as he refused to go to the bathroom unless he could use his character’s crutches to get there.

Jared Leto in Morbius — Photo: Disclosure

Already in ‘Casa Gucci’, he claimed he became so “Italian” that he was “smelling arrabbiata sauce” (no one from the cast confirmed the star’s claim). But when it comes to Jared Leto, nothing is impossible.

Jared Leto at Casa Gucci — Photo: Disclosure

Check out the trailer for the miniseries ‘WeCrashed’, in which Hathaway and Leto worked together.

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