Justin Bieber warns wife about Selena Gomez, says magazine

Some weeks ago Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez were trending on social media after they were photographed together at an event, for the first time since the model married Justin bieberputting an end to speculations of rivalry.

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While some fans did not approve of this meeting, others applauded the singer and model for overcoming any disagreements from the past.

However, according to the magazine “In Touch Weekly”, it seems that this meeting was not to the liking of Justin Bieber, Gomez’s ex and Hailey’s husband.

A source from the tabloid comments that even the singer was surprised to see the images, and was soon warning Hailey, as he was ‘concerned’ that something could go wrong between the women “after years of fighting each other” and that they finally are on “friendly terms”.

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“Justin is freaking out after seeing pictures of them looking super friendly and cheerful and ended up asking [para Hailey] keep distance [de Selena], despite this truce. As far as he’s concerned, Justin reckons all hell could happen again at any time,” the insider said.

“They’re in very different places in their lives now, so they’ve finally been able to put the past behind them and make amends,” the source noted. “Is it over there [Selena] is a woman more mature enough now to realize that she and Justin were a recipe for disaster in the past. She is above him and thinks Hailey is a good person and wishes her all the best.”


Selena Gomez proved to be good at marketing by taking advantage of recent comments from Hailey Bieber on her, to sell her new lipstick. After the wife of Justin bieber clarified on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast that she didn’t steal anyone’s boyfriend, which is why she received so much hate at the time, Hailey said there is no drama between her and Selena.

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After her speech, Gomez took to TikTok to present her new lipstick “Kind Words Matte”, a launch of her makeup brand Rare Beauty, which is literally called ‘kind words’, and Justin’s ex commented in the video:

“I think some of the things I don’t even need to know are just vile and disgusting and it’s not fair because you should never talk about anyone the way I saw it,” he said, referring to all the hate the model received when she married. Justin bieber.

He added: “It’s incredibly ironic that I’m releasing something that has to do with kind words, because that’s exactly what I want. That’s all (…) If you support Rare, I can’t thank you enough, but you should know that you are also representing what that means and that words matter, they do matter,” said the singer.

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He then ended by thanking the fans for their support and love: “I just want to let everyone know that I hope you understand that this is so much bigger than anything else. I’m so grateful to all of you for listening, so have a wonderful rest of the day and I appreciate all the love. Thanks”.

Hailey Bieber answered some trivia about his personal and even sexual life in a new interview. She participated on Wednesday (28) in the podcast “Call Her Daddy”, by Alexandra Cooper, and there she touched on some topics about her life with her husband. Justin bieber and even clarified some gossip related to the singer’s ex, Selena Gomez.

About Selena, the 25-year-old model commented that she talks to her, and that there is no drama in the relationship. And he even claimed that Justin “closed the chapter” with Gomez before his marriage to her.

“I think it was the best thing that could have happened for him to move on and get engaged and get married and move on with his life that way,” Hailey explained. “I know what was going on when we got back and I know what had to happen for it to come back in a healthy way.”

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The presenter Hailey assured that he never stole Justin from Selena: “I was never in a relationship with him when he was with someone”, he warned, and even praised Selena saying that the singer was always ‘respectful’ to her.

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