Lost the cell phone? Find out how to locate the IMEI code to lock the device

Blocking is necessary in case of loss or theft, but for this you need to have the IMEI number. Do you know how to access it? See these guidelines.

There are some very unpleasant situations that can lead to the need to lock a smartphone, among them, we can point out cases of loss or theft of the device. The procedure is simple, but a code to lock the cell phone is essential. Read on to find out how to find this number.

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What is it and how to find out the lock code

First of all, let’s understand what code is used to lock the cell phone? This is the IMEI, which is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity. In other words, it’s like an ID that identifies each device. Very practical, isn’t it?

It is through this numbering that it becomes much easier to lock the device. From then on, the cell phone loses access to the operators’ networks and can no longer be used as a regular telephone. In addition, the code is also useful for tracking the device even if it no longer has the saved data and no chip inserted.

Where to find your phone’s IMEI

It is very easy to find this number on the invoice of the device or on the box in which it was delivered, but the cell phone itself can give you this information. If you don’t have any of these alternatives at your fingertips, don’t despair, as the operating system from the main manufacturers helps you find out.

Check the step by step below to find the IMEI number.

  • On Android, go to site and click on the “i” inside a circle, which will be next to the device name.
  • On your iPhone, go to page Apple ID, click sign in and login with the phone ID you want to find out the IMEI. Finally, go to the devices part and select your iPhone. Some information will be displayed below. There will be the number you are looking for.
  • For Samsung devices, go to the site, log in with the account that was logged in on the device and search for the mobile through the sidebar. Once this is done, click on the three dots and select the “IMEI Information” option.

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