Man shoots at apartment roof and kills woman who slept upstairs

Man shoots into the air and kills woman in upstairs apartment - Photo: Reprodução/Facebook

Man shoots into the air and kills woman in upstairs apartment – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

  • Man shoots ceiling, kills neighbor upstairs

  • Shots were fired during a fight and went through the structure that separates the apartments.

  • The boy was arrested and, due to his extensive criminal record, his request for bail was denied.

A woman died in her sleep in her apartment in the US city of Clemmons, North Carolina, after being shot by a neighbor who lives downstairs.

According to local press reports, the boy was in his apartment when, in the midst of a fight, he fired his pistol repeatedly towards the ceiling.

Police were called to the incident and arrested the person responsible for the shooting, identified as A’Monte Zariq Jones, 20, but the body of Alia Matti Balola, 37, was not found until the following morning.

Alia was hit by the bullets that went through the floor of her apartment. Her body lay beside the bed, wrapped in a blanket, with a gunshot wound to the torso.

Zariq was taken to a local jail and charged with murder. As he had an extensive criminal record, the boy was denied bail.

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