Marvel May Have Accidentally Revealed Emilia Clarke’s Role

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Emilia Clarke, the Daenerys of game of Throneswill join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Secret Invasion, the next series from Marvel Studios in the Disney+ which will show a Skrull Invasion in the land. After a long time with her character of hers being a mystery, and several rumors saying who she could be, it seems that the studio itself, or streaming, ended accidentally revealing the character’s identity.

It was recently revealed that the character of Clarke would be called G’iah/Gloria Warner, a Skrull living on Earth like a normal person. Now, however, it seems that new information reveals that she will be a character linked to the X-Men and that old rumors said that it could be the character played by Clarke in the series.

In an official GIF from the account of Secret Invasionwe can see Clarke in a quick scene from the trailer previously released, however, as discovered by One Take Newsthe image has a very interesting name: “It’s the Beginning Abigail Brand” or “It’s the beginning Abigail Brand”, in free translation.

The gif itself shows the character of Clarke speaking the phrase “It’s the beginning”but the name of Abigail Brand soon after it suggests that the heroine will actually be in the series. On Tenor, the gif sharing network used by Twitter, we can see that the gif was actually created by Secret Invasion official account and features “Emilia Clarke”, “Abigail Brand”, “Disney Plus” and “Marvel Studios” in the tags.

Gif published by the official Secret Invasion account reveals that Clarke will play Abigail Brand

in the comics, Abigail Brand is the leader of SWORD, half-mutant and half-alien, the character has green hair, a strong and direct personality and also the tactile pyrokinesis skill (she can create powerful flames in her hands) and from speak several alien languages. In the MCU, it’s very likely that she doesn’t come from the planet axus like in the comics, but it really is a hybrid between human and Skrull – now we just have to wait to see if she will have the same or not. Gene X.

In Marvel comics, Brand is always portrayed as the leader of the SWORD and once had a romance with the Beast of the X-Men.

With a focus on Skrulls, Secret Invasion will show how a faction of the alien race featured in captain marvel had the ability to infiltrate Earth, in several different instances. They seek to take control and now, the former director of SHIELD need to stop them.

The series will star Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohnwho reprise the roles of Nick Fury and stalksthe Skrull leader featured in the solo film by captain marvel. Besides them, other important names in the cast are that of Olivia Colman, Carmen Ejogo and Killian Scott. Kyle Bradstreetin Mr. robotis responsible for the script of the series.

Secret Invasion promises to change the game for the series of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead of bringing in a central character and developing him – as was the case with WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki -, the new production should bring an adaptation of the comic book saga, featuring several characters – but with Talos and Fury as protagonists.

Secret Invasion is expected to arrive at Disney+ at the beginning of 2023.

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