more than 1 million satellite dishes will be destroyed; understand

We know that wireless internet has dominated the world for a few years, and it is also present in modern smartphones that are produced. The mobile network came to facilitate even more the quick access to information, and from that, there are always quality improvements that can and should be made by telephony.

O 5G is already present in all the capitals of Brazil, but its frequency 3.5 GHz has not yet been open for others counties. Before this new internet reaches medium-sized cities, more than 1.1 million kits will need to be destroyed. with antenna parabolic and receiver of satellite TV.

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Connection between satellite TV and 5G

The main frequency used by pure 5G in Brazil is 3.5 GHz (Band C). Despite the need for this spectrum, telephone operators did not make it available immediately, as this service is directly linked to satellite TV (TVRO).

In order to avoid problems in interferencethe Gaispi, group affiliate The Anatel that coordinate the cleaning from the band 3.5 GHz, recommended what the open TV via satellite be transferred from the band C to the band Ku. Nonetheless, at changes at technology involve the use of antennas and receivers many different those installed at home of viewer.

The distribution of pure 5G in Brazilian capitals, originally, would only be an obligation from next year, and from 2024, in municipalities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants. With rollout being anticipated, it is believed that 5G could reach these places sooner as well.

New antenna kits will be provided

Telephone operators that decided to distribute 5G internet will have to bear the costs of switching this technology to low-income families. With this, the beneficiaries of CadÚnico (Cadastro de Programas Sociais do Governo) are entitled to receive the kit along with its installation free of charge.

The entity Siga Antenado, what manages track of 3.5 GHz, released a schedule for installation in kits in 26 cities. For request the new foodit is necessary to schedule a schedule fur site Stay tuned or over the phone 0800 729 2404. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary record in CPF or NIS in CadÚnico.

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