Nicole Kidman: 11 movies with the actress you need to watch

When we think of great actresses, it is impossible not to remember Nicole Kidman and her great versatility to play practically any type of character.

After starting his career in several Australian films, the young actress did not take long to conquer Hollywood – just like the rest of the world – with his charisma and talent.

Although it’s not an easy task, due to the amount of great quality works she’s worked on, we’ve separated the 11 best Nicole Kidman movies that you need to watch. Check out our suggestions below!

11. The Man of the North

Our first indication is the latest movie on this listhaving opened in theaters in May 2022. the man of the north focuses on the story of Prince Amleth, whose father is killed and his mother – played by Nicole Kidman – is kidnapped by his uncle.

The boy vows revenge as he runs away, but 20 years pass before he puts his plans into practice. It’s worth watching!

10. Cold Mountain

An epic film that depicts the era of the American Civil War, cold mountain tells the story of carpenter William Inman and his beloved Ada Monroe, played by Kidman.

The romance is interrupted when William joins the army at the start of the battle. However, after three years, the boy becomes a deserter and does his best to return to Ada.

A public and critical success, the production received no less than seven Oscar nominations in 2004. So, are you ready?

9. Dogville

Directed by the controversial Lars Von Trier, dogville is – probably – one of the most unique films of Nicole Kidman’s career.

The plot shows the protagonist Grace running away from criminals and finding refuge in a small town in the United States. To be accepted in the community, she agrees to help the villagers with simple tasks, but they become increasingly abusive towards the woman.

As the story unfolds, the characters and even the scenarios seen in the work are well different from what we usually see in Hollywood productionswhich garnered a mixed reception with audiences and critics.

8. Eyes Wide Shut

The last film directed by Stanley Kubrick was also the last one in which Nicole Kidman played opposite her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Eyes Wide Shut presents the two actors as being a distant couple with constant thoughts and temptations to infidelity. The plot focuses more on a nocturnal and mysterious adventure of Cruise’s character, but of course it still offers excellent scenes with Kidman.

7. Terror on Board

During her early career, Nicole Kidman worked in many Australian productions. Terror on board was the last of this wave, before the actress established herself in Hollywood.

The plot explores the journey of a couple on a yacht as they try to recover from the recent loss of their son. When they find a sinking schooner, they do their best to rescue the only survivor, who tells a story that is too suspicious to justify the death of the entire crew.

6. Lion: A Journey Home

Based on a true story, Lion: A Journey Home tells the story of Saroo Brierly, who was separated from his family as a child in India and was later adopted by an Australian couple.

As an adult, he sets out on a journey to find and reconnect with his biological family. Kidman plays Saroo’s adoptive mothera role that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2017.

5. The Stranger We Love

Another movie with excellent performance by Nicole Kidman is The Stranger We Lovedirected by Sofia Coppola.

Here we have another story that takes place during the American Civil War, focused on the events of a women’s boarding school, where only two teachers and 5 students are present in the year 1864.

When they find a wounded Union Army soldier nearby, these women’s lives become much more intense. Great indication, see?

4. The Hours

The work that guaranteed Best Actress Oscar for Kidman he was The hoursin which she plays the famous writer Virginia Woolf.

The plot shows the difficulties Woolf had in writing the novel. Mrs Dalloway while dealing with depression, as well as focusing on the impact the book had on the lives of some women in the 1950s and today.

3. Moulin Rouge

One of Nicole Kidman’s most famous roles is that of Satine in the musical Moulin Rouge. The plot shows her forbidden romance with the writer Christian – played by Ewan McGregor – while a Duke wants to have the courtesan for himself.

With the cabaret at risk in the hands of this powerful man, Satine and Christian disguise their meetings under the guise of rehearsals for a new play that will transform the Moulin Rouge into a theater of respect.

Even declaring himself to be a shy person, Kidman was not ashamed when it came to playing Satine. Something you did with mastery!

2. A Dream Without Limits

The film A Dream Without Limits cast Kidman in the role of Suzanne Stone, a woman obsessed with being a famous journalistbut who sees her husband as an obstacle.

She seduces a teenager – played by a young Joaquin Phoenix – and convinces him to kill her husband for a chance at achieving his dreams. Despite dealing with a murder based on a true story, this work mixes elements of drama and comedy in a very fun way.

1. The Others

One of Nicole Kidman’s few horror films, The Others takes place right after the end of the Second World War. The actress plays a mother isolated in a mansion with her two children, who have a type of deadly allergy to the sun, as she waits for her husband to return from the trenches.

The family’s quiet life turns into something terrifying when strange sounds and certain situations suggest that other people or spirits may be inhabiting the same house. Nonetheless, the feature film is far from being that simple and holds many surprises.

So, have you watched any production mentioned on our list? To stay on top of more articles like these, keep an eye on My Series. We bring daily updates about movies, series and everything that involves the entertainment universe!

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