Nubank started paying more than BRL 20,000 to its customers? See if it’s fake or fact

O Nubank its mission is to return financial control to its users. This objective can be easily achieved through the hassle-free services offered by fintech, such as the no-annual-fee credit card and the totally free digital account.

Recently, it was announced that the company would be offering R$ 20 thousand. Check if this is true or if it is just Fake News.

Nubank is giving R$ 20 thousand?

Yea! This happens through the good yields granted by the digital bank automatically, with gains of 100% of the CDI on deposits that are kept for more than 30 consecutive days in the account.

In this sense, depending on the value, it is possible to receive income above R$ 20 thousand. It is worth mentioning that the index is widely used in the economic sector. That’s because, it follows the Selic changes, today at 13.75%.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the annual profitability of the Nubank is the most favorable in terms of savings, which are at 6.17% per year. In short, the services offered by the company are 10.48% more advantageous.

How does Nubank pay R$20,000 to customers?

As mentioned, to reach a value of R$ 20 thousand it is necessary to consider the balance applied in the digital account. In this case, the profitability represents an investment of R$ 100 thousand. Thus, in a period of 24 months (two years), the value yields R$ 24,059.66, already with the foreseen discounts, such as those of the Income tax.

In comparison with the savings account, the same balance (R$ 100 thousand) would yield only R$ 13,230.56 in the application. Remembering that in this type of investment there are no IR discounts. Thus, at the end of the terms, the Nubank account will yield R$ 10,828.78 more than the savings account.

Nubank has a cashback card that generates income of up to 200% of the CDI

Last year, Nubank launched its newest MasterCard Black credit card, the Ultraviolet. The new card has several advantages, including the 1% cashback released at the exact moment of purchase, the value of which is a continuous yield of 200% of the CDI.

To improve user experience, Nubank has updated its app, providing customers with the option to check the increase in cashbak values ​​over time. In addition, it is possible to view the average and the specific account of each operation per month.

How to track the Nubank Ultravioleta cashback?

Nubank Ultravioleta users can consult their income information directly through the application. The operation is very simple, just follow the steps:

  1. Access the Nubank application;
  2. On the home screen, tap “My Ultraviolet”;
  3. Tap on “Growing at 200% of CDI”;
  4. It will be possible to check the cashback history of every month, with details of received, redemptions and growth by time;
  5. Information on the cumulative total cashback growth from the first purchase made with Ultravioleta will also be available.

How does Nubank Ultraviolet work?

Initially, it is necessary to inform that to have access to Nubank Ultravioleta, the interested party must be a premium customer. If you already have this option available, check out the advantages of the following tool:

  • MasterCard Black card purchases automatically generate 1% cashback;
  • The return value will be yielding at 200% of the CDI, every year;
  • It is possible to redeem the amounts or transfer them to NuConta, invest in an investment fund and even exchange them for Smiles miles.

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