Pretty Woman: About to turn 55, Julia Roberts still enchants with beauty

The actress Julia Roberts shared cast with Richard Gere in the classic “A beautiful woman”, released in 1990. In the plot, an executive meets a woman named Vivian (Roberts) during a business trip to Los Angeles.

After hiring his services, she starts accompanying him on business dinners and they both start to get involved. In the midst of various obstacles, they discover that love can come from where they least imagine.

The film became a big hit in the 90s and is also remembered for the theme song “It Must Have Been Love” by the singer Roxette. Julia Roberts was born in Georgia on October 28, 1967 and is about to turn 55 years old.

Winner of the Best Actress Oscar for her role in “Erin Brockovich,” Roberts has also been cast in several other films such as “Side by Side,” “My Best Friend Getting Married,” “The Power of Love” and “A Place Called Notting Hill”.

The actress continues to act and one of her most recent works was in the 1st season of “Gaslit” as the character Martha Mitchell. She was also in “Entrance to Heaven” and “Ben Returns”.

On Instagram, Julia has more than 10.2 million followers and shares photos and videos about her work and new projects on and off the big screen.

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