Russian hides in forest and even fights bears to avoid not fighting in Ukraine – News

Information Technology expert Adam Kalinin revealed that he faced bears while hiding in a forest to avoid Vladimir Putin’s military deployment and possible arrest.

The Russian ruler announced in late September that 300,000 support troops would be sent to Ukraine to fight, but some experts believe up to a million men could be called up.

Having some experience in the wild on camping trips, Kalinin stocked up on supplies and, after being fined for opposing the war, went to the forest, where he has been for almost a month.

“I always had a choice before my eyes: either I go to the store, and then they take me by the arms to the military registration and enlistment office, or I will be in not very comfortable conditions in the forest, but free. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision,” he told Zone.Media.

Explaining his objection to the recruitment, he said, “There are many conditions that are difficult to meet.”

Two colleagues of the IT specialist fled to Central Asia, but he did not want to leave Russia and his relatives, according to information published in Daily Star about the case.

“Why should I do this, run away from here? I don’t know. This is not a deciding factor, of course, but I also have a place to be. I do not want to go out. I would like everything to improve and help those who stayed here, including family members.”

He even wrote on his Telegram channel that his wife supported the move to the forest.

There, he has a warehouse of food and supplies, including an axe, chainsaw, signal antenna, and a solar panel.

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