signal may disappear soon; what to do?

The sign IPTV has gained a lot of popularity in Brazil in recent years, mainly due to the high prices charged by cable TV. However, an announcement made by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) is close to putting an end to this type of service.

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What is IPTV?

Despite the great success of streaming platforms in the country, television is still something that is still part of the daily lives of Brazilians. But in addition to open TV channels, there are closed channels offered by operators for those who become subscribers, with services that usually weigh on the pocket.

And IPTV appears in the midst of this scenario as a way to release signals from these operators via the internet at no cost. The problem is that there are legal models of the equipment, while others can represent signal theft and piracy.

According to article 184 of the Brazilian Penal Code, piracy is a crime and can result in a penalty of two to four years, in addition to the imposition of a fine on copyright.

End of IPVT in Brazil?

There are perfectly legal signals being offered today in Brazil from the user’s IP address, some examples are Globoplay, which has Globosat channels, Claro TV, which offers cable TV and internet, and Pluto TV, with more than 100 totally free channels.

And to combat piracy, Anatel announced that it intends to put an end to illegal signals, which are frequent and common. During an interview, the agency’s supervisory superintendent, Hermano Tercius, declared that the blocking actions should be ready in the first half of 2023.

For this, tools are being created that will detect IPTV equipment that can be classified as irregular and, thus, permanently block them, preventing transmissions.

But what to do in this case?

As it is an illegal practice, the consumer or user will not be able to resort to any service, whatever the sphere. Unlike the services of those who subscribe to operator channels, which have technical support for transmission problems.

In addition, the recommendation of technology experts is that people avoid using the sign illegal IPTV. In addition to being a crime, the person is vulnerable and subject to the invasion of hackers who can steal data via the internet, such as document numbers, passwords, bank accounts and more.

Therefore, the tip is not to use illegal IPTV devices, abandoning this practice as soon as possible!

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