Stranger Things: Vecna ​​and Lily Collins have an unusual connection that will surprise Emily’s fans in Paris – Series News

A tattoo links the actress to the villain of the Upside Down and his interpreter, Jamie Campbell Bower. But what’s behind it?

What do Stranger Things and Emily in Paris have in common besides being Netflix originals? The first, a worldwide phenomenon created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, takes place in the 1980s, in a small American town that mysteriously shares a portal with the Upside Down. The second, another Darren Star hit after Sex and the City, is set in the French capital and follows a young American woman who has to deal with a teasing boss, a crush in her best friend’s ex-boyfriend and a language she doesn’t speak.

But the series do have something in common: two of their stars not only dated, but also got the same tattoo! Jamie Campbell Bower, interpreter of the villain Vecna ​​(or Um or Henry), and Lily Collins, the Emily of Emily in Parisalready lived a very intermittent relationship in 2012, behind the scenes of The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones.

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Jamie and Lily met during the filming of the adaptation of the first volume of the saga written by Cassandra Clare. On stage, they formed the couple Jace and Clary. Off camera – and to the delight of fans – they were together for a while, but always amid rumors that they had broken up and then that they had gotten back together.

At the time, Jamie and Lily chose to tattoo the phrase “Love Always and Forever” (or “Love Always and Forever”). He on the right forearm, she on the back. Jamie even wrote Lily’s birth year – 1989. The two already splurged on their tattoos at the 2012 British Fashion Awards, as you can see in the photo below:

Jamie and Lily’s first breakup was announced in 2013 during the Los Angeles premiere of The Mortal Instruments. The pair reconciled in 2015, with Jamie and Lily following each other on social media again. The latter even posted a total of six photos dedicated to the actor, starting with the tattoos of his fingers, going through selfies with his tongue out, and reaching his feet together in a train station.

However, in 2018, they put an end to their relationship again – and apparently definitive. according to the daily mail reported at the time, Jamie and Lily dropped out after realizing they weren’t right for each other. The newspaper said they decided to go their separate ways and amicably.

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Currently, the two no longer follow each other on social media. Lily is engaged to director and screenwriter Charlie McDowell, while Jamie is engaged to tattoo artist Ruby Quilter.

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