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Smart feeders, automatic toys and the famous button that allows animals to communicate with their owners using words are some of the latest technological items for pets.

To modernize your pet, the g1 chose 13 gadgets available in the big online stores on the market. See the selection below.

pet gadgets; accessories — Photo: g1

To give your pet more comfort on hot days, the icy mat helps you cool off. It is filled with a cooling gel activated by the weight of the animal.

The dog water bottle has a special design, with a built-in collapsible drinking fountain, to quench your pet’s thirst anytime and anywhere.

Smart collars ensure more security for owners, allowing the owner’s contact data to be quickly accessed by a QR Code.

The items cost between R$50 and R$80, in September, in the consulted online stores.

Smart Collar HelpPet

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Western pet cold rug

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Madog puppies water bottle

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pet gadgets; toys — Photo: g1

Self-activating toys, which can be used without human assistance, are great for entertaining pets when they are alone at home or even when you are busy.

The ball with automatic rolling, with internal rechargeable battery, will keep the attention of the animal fixed in the game.

The interactive feeder toy provides treats as a reward, an added attraction for the pet, and does not use electricity.

The automatic ball launcher, powered by C-type batteries, will make your puppy exercise on his own, and you can even teach him to put the ball in the device again.

The remote control mouse is loved by cats and, with the remote, it’s easy to retrieve the toy from under furniture. It uses LR44 type batteries.

In September, prices ranged from R$42 to R$295 in large online stores.

Eating Sport interactive toy and feeder

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Vil automatic rolling ball

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ZF Toys remote control mouse

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All for Paws automatic ball launcher

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pet gadgets; feeders and drinkers — Photo: g1

Smart feeders with a timer are a good solution for those who cannot always be available to serve the animals’ feed. They can also make life easier for pet owners with a controlled diet.

The voice recorder version allows the owner to record a message to call the animals whenever it’s time to eat. The camera version, on the other hand, recognizes the presence of your cat or dog and dispenses food to him.

Another item that is successful is the water fountain with a fountain for cats. Equipped with a faucet to keep the water running, it helps hydrate demanding felines that don’t drink from the common pot.

All appliances must be plugged in to work.

The products were found from R$116 to R$645, in September, in the consulted online stores.

Water fountain for cats

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Madog smart feeder with voice recorder

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Luatek smart feeder with camera

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pet gadgets; day to day — Photo: g1

Popular on social media, battery-powered voice recorders are the latest fad in pet training.

Simply record a short word or phrase, such as “walking” and “food”, and tap whenever relevant. Just don’t forget that teaching your pet to push the button takes time and patience.

The exercise wheels are similar to the wheels for hamsters, but in a larger version, for cats or small dogs. They are suggested for those who live in apartments, and do not have much space where pets can run.

Finally, the “electronic babysitter” camera is used to keep an eye on the animals, whether in the next room or far from home. The device works by wi-fi, wirelessly, and comes with a rechargeable battery.

In the online stores consulted, in mid-September, the items cost between R$267 and R$2,600.

Weewooday voice recording button

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Alwaysme cat wheel mat

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Electronic nanny Intelbras HD iC3

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