THIS application may become MANDATORY in Brazil; see which

Most Brazilians have smartphones and on them you can install various applications. So far, none of them are mandatory for mobile users, but some platforms can be very useful.

Currently, Bill 2492/22, which provides for the installation of a new tool for the cell phone of people who use public transportation.

New app for public transport passengers

According to the new project, authored by deputy Joceval Rodrigues (Citizenship-BA), the application It will show in real time the movement of vehicles, the points of embarkation and disembarkation, routes, travel time, waiting time and several other information that can help many people when using public transport.

The text is currently being analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies. If it passes the approval of the Chamber, it will be up to the Federal Executive Branch to release the platform free of charge to citizens.

It is important to note that any procedure can be performed by the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro). The expectation, according to the project, is that every country will obtain the new tool.

Deputy Joceval Rodrigues informed that the purpose of creating the new application is to improve access to urban public transport. This would be a way to make it possible for service to have more quality and users not have to spend so much time waiting for vehicles.

In addition, the deputy pointed out that the new tool would be very useful for people who need to wait for transport in dangerous places, since, through the app, they could check other points more safely.

Municipalities allow free public transport in the 2nd shift

O 2nd round of elections will take place this Sunday (30) and, to facilitate the trip to the polling places, passengers from some municipalities in the country will not need to pay the values ​​of bus tickets and the BRT system.

the city of Rio de Janeiro it is one of those that will not charge the value of the ticket to voters. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the free transport schedule, which will be from 6 am to 8 pm.

This Sunday’s election (30) will start at 8 am and the voting session will end at 5 pm (Brasilia time). It is worth noting that in Rio de Janeiro the vote will only be for president, since the state governor was defined in the 1st round.

Free ticket in Sao Paulo

In addition to RJ, the city Sao Paulo will also have free tickets for municipal public transport this Sunday. The free pass hours will be from 6 am to 8 pm. It is important to note that four more cities in the state will also offer free tickets to voters. Are they:

  • Diadem;
  • Osasco;
  • Rio Grande da Serra;
  • Ribeirão Pires.

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