Tips on how to break up with someone via text (with message options)

Several reasons can lead a couple to break up, which is the most difficult moment of any relationship. But most of the time, when that time comes, some people prefer to send just a breakup message in order to avoid the whole process.

Here are some examples of how to break up with someone via text!

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Is breaking up by message the best option?

This will depend a lot on the situation that caused the breakup and the relationship between the people. However, it is important to remember that what you think is best for you will always be the best option, so choose for the good of both and the alternative that, according to the relationship that existed, would fit better in this situation.

They try to impose the idea that the best way is to end up talking to your partner in person, but obviously you don’t have to follow that, because most people who break up through messages have reasons for this attitude, either because a face-to-face conversation face would make this moment even more difficult or because they don’t want to see that person.

How to break up with someone via text?

For you to end your relationship by message, but in the best way, check out some tips here.

  • Say nice things to your old partner;
  • Explain all the reasons that led you to make this decision;
  • Talk about all your feelings;
  • Talk about positive aspects of the relationship you had;
  • Avoid always putting the blame on your partner;
  • Always be respectful;
  • Avoid fights and lengthen the conversation too much;
  • After that, try to count all ties with that person, so you can move on faster.

Follow these tips and see how much easier this process will be, although it is painful, as every breakup is. These tips will prevent fights from happening and you can end well, facilitating the possibility of a good relationship, even if not loving, between you after a while.

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