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any metroidvania in the promo?


I’ve already finished this one, today it must be better than when I played it, there were big updates, with a lot of content, new bosses and a new ending. At the time I compared it more like a Castlevania than a souls like 2d.

From the creator of Castlevania, it looks pretty cool.

Bundle with Bloodstained and Blasphemou, very good price.

Has the DS Castlevanias

This one doesn’t need comments, if you haven’t played, play!

I don’t know what country you’re in, in Turkey it’s practically free, and in Arg, the price of two medium-dark coxinhas and half a coffee in an American cup. Simply the best metroidvania I’ve ever played, amazing story, and a memorable ending. The first one didn’t go on sale, but it goes straight and it’s also very worth playing, both are also on gamepass.

The best souls like 2d is very good.

I bought this one at this sale, a friend praises a lot, at the time of version 1.0 there were several complaints, but there was a big update that solved, and added, a lot.

This one has a lot of price correction face

And in the future they will find it for the PT-BR, there’s a direct update, it mixes a crpg footprint in the story part, with combat more focused on souls like, and it’s at a great price, there will probably be a readjustment.

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