Uber announces that drivers will be able to record rides using their cell phone camera

THE Uber announced this Thursday, 27th, that it will allow partner drivers to film their races through their cell phone camera. The feature is being tested in two Brazilian cities: saints and João Pessoa-PB. In addition, three cities in the United States participating in the tests: Cincinnati, Louisville and New York. There are no plans to launch in other cities. The feature is free, optional and the passenger will be informed of the filming in progress. Today, the company allows drivers to place cameras in their vehicles, but has admitted the complexity of the installation. The new model allows drivers to use their cell phones to record the video of the trip with the device’s front camera. The recording is performed by the application itself. A window in the lower corner will show what is going on inside the car. According to Uber, the next steps will be defined based on what drivers evaluate. According to the company, the recordings will be encrypted and the driver will not be able to access them after the trip is over. In the event of an incident, the company will access the content for analysis. “In the case of investigations, competent authorities may also request access to these images from Uber, as required by law,” the company said in a statement. Uber did not say the duration of the pilot test.

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