What changes at Maracanã if Fla-Flu duo wins dispute over concession

While Vasco entered the competition, Flamengo and Fluminense finalized their proposal for the final bid for Maracanã. There is a bet that the most games and other items should give the duo higher scores in the dispute. Changes are expected in the management of the stadium, which already has the duo Fal-Flu.

The TCE (State Audit Court) suspended the bidding for the stadium for 15 days, demanding adjustments from the government of Rio de Janeiro. The delivery of the proposals was scheduled for this Thursday (27th) and ended up being extended.

Flamengo decided to participate in the process, despite having in parallel its own stadium project at Gasómetro and with dissatisfaction with the requirements made in the bidding notice. There are different sectors of the club that handle each project. The proposal is to manage the stadium for 20 years.

One of the trump cards is the requirement of the bidding notice to hold 70 games at Maracanã. This obligation is not seen as an impediment, but with a strong weight in the final score. And participants in the process say that Flamengo and Fluminense have a lot of advantage, as they have games between two teams, while Vasco has to offer part of the matches, as they still host matches in São Januário.

Whoever wins will have control of the games schedule, although there are some restrictions in the public notice. Flamengo and Fluminense, for example, will have priority in the use of Maracanã, while others will be subject to fittings. The commercial conditions for those who rent the stadium will be the same by imposition of the public notice – currently the duo charges more than other clubs.

At another point, Fla-Flu intends to expand the exploration of other assets of the stadium. There are already restaurants on site and the stadium tour. However, with the definitive concession, works can be carried out to expand this type of activity. The performance of shows depends on the calendar.

Another point is the maintenance issue. Currently, Maracanã has a monthly cost of just under R$ 2 million. But this involves maintaining the stadium without making structural renovations to items that depreciate over the years, such as the stadium’s roof. Improvements have already been made, but far from everything necessary.

In Flamengo, there is optimism that the consortium should score well on all items in the bidding. But during the process, there was a lot of dissatisfaction with demands such as privileges to the state government (boxes, free tickets, power to influence the calendar, among other points).

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