What is the contract like and how long should Endrick stay?

So far, the best expectations about Palmeiras striker Endrick have come true. With just three games left unfinished, the 16-year-old forward has already scored two goals and an assist, which make the contractual fine of 60 million euros (R$ 325 million) not seem that high.

In Europe, the player’s name is already known to everyone who likes and follows football. A quick search on Twitter for the boy’s name brings up glowing posts in multiple languages.

Real Madrid (ESP) and PSG (FRA) are committed to signing. The Spanish club has already sent a member of its coaching staff to Brazil. PSG did more than that and soon sent their sporting director Luis Campos to see the player on the spot.

Before July 2024, however, even if you pay the termination penalty, no one takes the player away from Palmeiras.

Leave, only 18 years old

Very grateful to Palmeiras, the player’s family has already said that Endrick will play for the club before thinking about a transfer. This is what should happen from January 2023 onwards. It seems inevitable that the youngster will start the next season as a starter for coach Abel Ferreira’s team.

Endrick’s contract with the club lasts for three years, the maximum period allowed by law for a first professional contract. Thus, the agreement ends in July 2025.

But Palmeiras sources have already told UOL Esporte that the player hardly starts the 2025 season at the club. “It won’t be able to hold” he acknowledged.

Endrick turns 18 in June 2024, the minimum age for his transfer to Europe. But, most likely, Palmeiras will have already negotiated their transfer with one of the giants of European football before that.

Preference for a club from outside Spain

Although Real Madrid and Barcelona (ESP) have already signaled interest in the player, Palmeiras prefer to negotiate the boy with a club from another country.

Nothing against Spain or the clubs there. The problem is taxes. Of all the world’s top sports markets, Spain has by far the biggest tax bite for Brazilians.

The Spanish tax authorities take no less than 15% on a transfer of a player from Brazil to Spanish football. This is due to a bilateral trade agreement between the nations.

Thus, a transfer for the value of the player’s fine, 60 million euros (R$325 million today), would actually give the club alviverde 51 million euros – or R$48 million less.

There is still an additional problem. Palmeiras already faces a problem of the type due to the negotiation of Yerry Mina with Barcelona, ​​in 2017. The club disputed this value with Spain. And in the case of a new negotiation, the Spanish Revenue can block the amounts it considers due in the Colombian transaction.

Who is ahead in the dispute?

According to information from the newspaper sport, from Spain, PSG offered 20 million euros (R$ 108 million) to Verdão, who would have refused the offer. Palmeiras denies having received such a proposal.

According to columnist for UOL Bruno Andrade, the French club has already had a new conversation with Palmeiras, raising the proposal to 30 million euros – R$ 162 million.

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