Why Ben was number 2 for the Sparrows but number 6 for the Umbrella Academy

Ben Hargreeves is the only character in The Umbrella Academy belonging to both the original Umbrella group and the Season 3 Sparrows – but why was he pushed from Number Six to Number Two between the timelines? When Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven children from the 43 spontaneous births, he assigned them all a number, with Ben – who possessed the power to summon interdimensional creatures from his stomach – surrendering the position of Number Six. Ben unfortunately died years before The Umbrella Academycreating an even bigger gap between Klaus (Number Four) and Viktor (Number Seven) after Five had already disappeared in the future.

The story unfolded very differently in The Umbrella AcademySparrow Timeline. Unhappy with the adult Umbrella boys he’d met in 1962, Sir Reginald selected an entirely different team – not that it mattered anyway, thanks to Harlan. Because Reginald couldn’t see Ben’s ghost (and because he survived Harlan’s explosion), however, Horror still played its part. strangely, The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s Sparrow timeline shows Ben inheriting the number two ranking after falling from his starting position as the leader. Why the big Number Six promotion?

The Umbrella AcademyEarly episodes indicate that being “Number One” makes Luther the leader, but when Ben and Fei (Sparrows #2 and #3) take control of their team after Marcus’ death, it’s clear that all the numbers are essentially one. hierarchy. That would make sense, as Viktor (Umbrella #7) couldn’t join the Academy, while Christopher (Sparrow #7) is just a floating cube with minimal communication skills. With Sir Reginald’s prams, The Umbrella Academy also confirms that these numbers were assigned at birth, likely because Reggie’s monocle sees a person’s worth, according to the comics. We may perhaps deduce, therefore, that when Sir Reginald judged his seven umbrellas, he considered Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, and Five leaders superior to Ben, but when he selected the Sparrows, Ben was judged the most suitable commander before being demoted. to number two and replaced by Marcus.

Is Sparrow Ben more powerful than the Umbrella Academy one?

The Umbrella Academy Britne Oldford as Fei Justin H Min as Ben and Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane

The Sparrow Academy variant Ben is clearly more powerful than the Umbrella original. All Sparrows are more disciplined, trained, and highly trained, so fans can safely assume that Season 3’s Ben has superior fighting skills, strategic intelligence, and field experience. And while Umbrella Ben was always waving his stomach tentacles wildly when fighting, Sparrow Ben shows better control, skill and versatility, easily maneuvering Lovecraftian appendages to his will.

While The Umbrella AcademySparrow Ben can beat Umbrella Ben in a fight, however, his superiority is only down to a very different upbringing rather than any intrinsic quality. Not only did Ben receive better training in the Sparrow timeline, but he had an extra 13 years to hone these skills and control his gifts compared to Umbrella Ben, who died at age 17. potential on a power scale, as their DNA and abilities remain unchanged across realities. The Sparrow’s timeline changes only spawned a stronger Ben than in The Umbrella Academyoriginal story.

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