Why Van Nistelrooy is hated by Arsenal and starred in an emblematic scene being cursed by a rival (who has no regrets)

Ruud van Nistelrooy is the coach of PSV, who face Arsenal, for the Europa Leaguebroadcast live by ESPN at the Star+

Ruud van Nistelrooy was one of the most hated players by the fans of the Arsenal for the time when he defended the Manchester Unitedbetween 2001 and 2006. Currently coach of PSV, he will find the gunners in game valid by Europa Leaguethis Thursday, at 1:45 pm (Brasília time), which will be broadcast live by ESPN on Star+.

Despite being a great scorer, the Dutchman did not arouse the ire of his former rivals because of the goals scored, as he only scored the nets twice in 12 duels – four wins, four draws and four defeats – against the London team.

The reason for such rivalry comes from a great controversy that occurred in the 0-0 draw during the 2003/04 Premier League.

The teams, which were fighting for the title, were great opponents at that time in England and had a history of duels full of tension. At Old Trafford, it was no different.

In the 34th minute of the second half, Patrick Vieira, from Arsenal, fell to the ground after a tackle with the Dutchman and made a recoil. The leg passed the steering wheel away from the opponent, but the attacker jumped back.

Vieira was expelled and left the London team one man short.

At the end of the second half, Nistelrooy could have been consecrated. He had the chance to take away the invincibility of the gunnersbut took the penalty too hard and hit the crossbar of goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.

Shortly after the pitch, Martin Keown ran up to the striker and began to insult him in every way. And he was accompanied by several colleagues from the gunnerswhich pushed the attacker.

Keown’s anger wasn’t just for the move he considered a cheating opponent. He had been involved in three other scuffles in previous games with Nistelrooy and almost missed the 2002 World Cup because of a stomping he received from the centre-forward.

“People have asked me about the ‘Battle of Old Trafford’ almost daily for nearly 20 years. But the context is often overlooked,” he told the paper. daily mail.

The draw helped Arsenal to be undefeated Premier League champions, something no other team has ever achieved.

After the episode, Arsenal and the players of the gunners were punished with fines that cost approx. 275 thousand pounds. Keown received a three-game hook punishment, while other teammates were also suspended.

“I felt justice was done and so did my teammates. Looking back, maybe we could have toned down our reaction. But it happened in the heat of the moment and I don’t regret anything I did. I certainly don’t have any issues with Van Nistelrooy today. What happened, happened,” Keown said.

After the match, Van Nistelrooy never lost to the gunners in the Premier League. However, he only scored one more goal in a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford in 2004, precisely the game that brought down his rival’s undefeated streak. In 2005, he was defeated by United in the FA Cup final to Arsenal.

Where to watch PSV vs Arsenal

PSV vs Arsenal will be broadcast live on ESPN at the Star+this Thursday (27), at 1:45 pm (Brasília time).

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