Young man has been hiding in a mall for four years

Michael Townsend, a young American, lived in an apartment hidden in the middle of a mall and no one noticed for years. He was discovered by security in 2007 and was eventually convicted of the action.

townsend moved when he was evicted from his former property. The unused space within the providence place mall in Rhode islandin the USA, was seen by the young man for the first time in 1999.

While deciding what to do, the young man heard an announcement and remembered once seeing an empty room in the apartment building. providence and decided to set up camp there, as the Daily Star reports. He revisited the room he had seen in 1999 and found that the place remained unused, so he decided to see if he and his friends could actually live in the room. mall.

However, things got a little out of hand and soon the apartment was taking shape. The young man furnished his home with a sofa and a PlayStation and the site housed Michael and his friends from 2003 to 2007.

The youth lived in peace for four years before the plan began to unravel. Before getting caught townsend had the idea of ​​installing wooden floors, a second bedroom and a kitchen.

Michael Townsend and his friends lived in a hidden apartment in a shopping mall for four years - Youtube/Be Amazed - Youtube/Be Amazed

Michael Townsend and his friends lived in a hidden apartment in a shopping mall for four years.

Image: Youtube/Be Amazed

Until, eventually, mall guards found the secret property. The young man was charged with trespassing.

Michael received parole by a judge but was banned from shopping for the rest of his life.

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