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Disney+ Percy Jackson The reboot is highly anticipated by fans, with many believing that the acclaimed YA book series has always been better suited for the small screen. Resets of adaptations such as A series of unfortunate events and the newly released vampire academy have already proven that sometimes TV series – not movies – are the best method of accurately translating a book series to a screen.

There are a number of renowned and beloved YA books out there that fans would love to see adapted for the small screen, some of which have already been made into movies, and many that are still only known for their book form. From vampire pirates to teen assassins, Redditors have taken to listing their favorite teen shows they’d love to see on TV.

Harry PotterHarry reaching for his wand in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

by JK Rowling Harry Potter The series has become a household name not only because of the popularity of the books, but also the amount of exposure and success the film series continues to garner.

However, fans would love to see a version of the Wizarding World on the small screen. Redditor Colonel De Ska stated that he “would love a show that didn’t follow the main story and was basically Degrassi at Hogwarts”. Given the ongoing continuation of the Harry Potter universe, through things like fantastic beasts or Hogwarts legacyand the incredible amount of potential content, a TV series not only makes sense in terms of keeping the series relevant and fresh for new audiences, but also ensuring its legacy continues for years to come.


Caraval Book Series (via A Writer Can Dream)

Given the many fantasy tropes fans are tired of, now is the ideal time for Stephanie Garber. caravale trilogy to be adapted as a TV series, as Garber’s innovative storytelling and unique world-building offer an exciting change of pace that has readers hooked by the end of each novel.

Garber’s narration and imagery are so impressive that Redditor Arya_Granger thinks it would even “make a better TV show than a book… The whole time I was reading it, I thought I should be experiencing this on screen.” In addition to Caraval’s visual potential, its emphasis on the sisters Tella and Scarlett bond (as opposed to the typical romance-centric fantasy) makes it empowering and even more worthy of a TV adaptation.


Vampirates Series

Justin Somper vampires The series went beyond the 10 rules of vampire movies and books, combining vampirism with the pirate lifestyle, resulting in an epic adventure for twins Connor and Grace as they discover the hidden depths of their lives and those they travel with. .

Redditor CPU46 commented that the series “really brings [them] 10 years ago” and “would make great TV commercials”, along with Ranger Apprentice. Not only does the six-book series have tons of new supernatural concepts to offer, but it also has memorable characters and something for every viewer; From horror to romance to adventure, the series is an amalgamation of different genres that come together to form the perfect blend of Twilight he meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

the young elites

Young Elites Book Series

Marie Lu the young elites follows young Adelina as she gains new powers and is driven into darkness by the cruel and manipulative people around her, held together only by her sister and few true loved ones. The trilogy would make a great TV series, with its excellent pacing, twists, and Adelina’s slow rise to power, giving it all the makings of a TV epic.

A Reddit user commented that they want to see this series “on screen because there are no antiheroes (especially female antiheroes) out there”, and Adelina fits that role beautifully. Not to mention how well the series would fit into the trend of the best hero-to-villain stories.

To crave

Crave Book Series (via Tracy Wolff's website)

Tracy Wolff To crave The series tells the story of Grace as she attends Katmere Academy and unravels the mysteries behind the school, the mysterious Jaxon and her own family stories as she finds her place in the new world.

Redditor Judy Wilde143 thinks a TV series adaptation “would fill the gap in Twilight franchise”, which is especially valid now, given the age of the Twilight Rebirth. Wolff’s formula of dark old scholar meets supernatural, a girl who falls in love with the melancholy and emotionally torn vampire, both of which combined with his refreshing focus on different creatures and surprising twists have great potential for a new TV series that remixes old themes.

Blue blood

Blue Bloods series (via Kobo)

Melissa De La Cruz Blue blood (not to be confused with the completely different TV series starring Tom Selleck of the same name). The series follows the adventures of a young member of elite society as she finds herself caught in a web of family mystery, betrayal and romance.

Redditor jenh6 was “surprised that Blue blood never been adapted by The CW… Privileged City Boys, Romance and Vampires, recipe for their success. They should have done it in 2010.” Fortunately, the tropes inherent in Blue Bloods are still very much adored by fans on screen, and De La Cruz’s vast world with plenty of interesting characters makes it a worthy candidate for a potential TV series.

Lunar Chronicles

While there are many dark adaptations of classic fairy tales that fans haven’t heard of, Marissa Meyer Lunar Chronicles series shouldn’t be one of them.

Not only does Meyer take both traditional and problematic fairy tales and review them through a feminist lens, she also weaves her tales together and links them to important global themes and issues. These ideas and Meyer’s individualized tales with an overarching arc would translate well into a TV series. Redditor LittlePie88 stated that he “would love a Lunar Chronicles adaptation and I feel like an animated series in that style would be very beautiful.”

Illuminae Archives

Authors Illuminae Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The acclaimed trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, The Illuminae filesfollows two sets of people as they try to survive a close-up battle and an outbreak of plague.

Redditor BandaYoureAbouttoHear commented that “The Illuminae Archives would make a fantastic series, but honestly I think it might be too scary for me to watch”, however the horror factor is what sets it apart from other YA adaptations as it explores darker themes along with how the two separate stories In addition, it would be interesting to see the intriguing method of storytelling – including hacked documents such as emails, medical reports and messages – adapted for the small screen.

glass throne

Sarah J. Maas’ glass throne is without a doubt a fantasy series that would rival War of Thrones as an adaptation.

Not only does the series do a good job of creating a vast and impressive new world, it also breaks traditional tropes by having a complex protagonist, Caelena, who is multifaceted and carves her own mold as a jaded assassin who is simultaneously classy and subdued hope. With plenty of books available and a plethora of content and arcs to cover, the series would be perfect for TV, which is probably why Redditor Aerial_lover stated that they “think glass throne would make an absolutely incredible series.”

The Crow Cycle

Maggie Stiefvater has been creating acclaimed supernatural realms for years, since Scorpio’s Races to the renowned Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. Nonetheless, The Crow Cycle is arguably their most developed and well-written series to date, with many fans awaiting a TV series adaptation, such as the Reddit User who stated that they were “so crushed when they canceled the Raven cycle show”.

Stiefvater’s series has all the work for a perfect fantasy TV show, like a gang of misfits, forbidden kisses, found family, epic supernatural adventures, a slow-burning LGBTQ+ romance, and a tough-skinned but heartfelt dreamer. mole that gets its own spin-off. With all these great elements, it’s without a doubt worthy of a TV series.

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