2023 Oscars for Best Supporting Actress: Initial Predictions

From Kate Winslet to Jamie Lee Curtis, Caio Pimenta brings the initial predictions for Best Supporting Actress at the 2023 Oscars.


Without anyone having seen “Avatar 2”, thinking about Kate Winslet and Sigourney Weaver as indicated in the category, at this point, is something quite unlikely.

But, as the two are giants and are in a movie capable of being a phenomenon, who knows?

Without meeting all the expectations generated, “The Son” is complicating even Hugh Jackman’s life, imagine the Vanessa Kirby?

THE Kate Hudson has a stronger colleague in “Knives and Secrets 2” same dilemma as Patricia Clarkson in “She Said”.


Raising the odds a little more, the crowd that runs outside brings the oscar Laura Dern, for “The Son”. The actress has a little more prominence than Vanessa Kirby in the long, in addition to being quite beloved and influential at the Academy. Therefore, she appears with a little more chances.

THE Angela Bassett is one of the biggest black stars in Hollywood history, but nominated for an Oscar only once for the Tina Turner biopic. “Wakanda Forever” could be a chance for the Academy to recognize her again.

THE Stephanie Hsu is one of the revelations of the year due to the performance in “Everything, Everywhere at the Same Time”. With a key character in the protagonist’s journey, her double with Michelle Yeoh is mysterious and exciting at the same time. Unfortunately, a colleague of hers has a better chance, decreasing her strength.

the philippine Dolly De Leon can go up if “Triangle of Sadness” to excite the Academy, however, at this moment, I see it far from the nomination.

Finally, have the Gabrielle Union, featured in “The Inspection”. The problem is that she manages to be seen by her colleagues, since the film should not have as much prominence in the other categories.


A Sundance hit could appear in Supporting Actress.

Cha Cha Real Smooth” was far from the “Code” of the current season, however, can take off the first indication of the Dakota Johnson. Making a career marked by more challenging work after the hit of “Fifty Shades of grey”, she brings a performance capable of winning hearts. Like Gabrielle Union, Dakota will have to make “Cha Cha Real Smooth” be discovered by many members of the Academy.

already the Samantha Morton is in “She Said,” a journalistic drama about the devastating reportage against Harvey Weinstein. With only 10 minutes on the scene, she tries to relive cases such as Viola Davisunder “Doubt”, and Regina Kingper “If Beale Street Could Talk”, short but remarkable performances. Here, however, will be another case that competes with a strong competitor of the same feature.

Three black actresses also arrive with medium chances in the fight for one of the vacancies.

THE Lashana Lynch is great in “The King Woman” with a charismatic and warrior character, owner of eyes that say it all. But, following the fate of the category in the season, she competes directly with a co-star. If only one of them is named, it runs the risk of being forgotten.

already the Janelle Monae came out extremely praised from Toronto with “Knives and Secrets 2”. The question is whether the film will be able to take her far or will it get in the way.

THE Whoopi Goldberg can also be on the list with “TIll”, a drama in which, in addition to acting, he produces, something always recognized by the Academy.

Finally, we have the Anne Hathaway with “Armageddon Time”. Playing the protagonist’s mother inspired by the director’s own family matriarch, James Gray, she has been away from the Oscars for almost 10 years, when she won the statuette for “The miserable”. If the movie grows in the season, she gets a lot stronger.


As I said, this category is just a mess with a lot of question marks along the way. To give you an idea, there are seven candidates with high chances of nominations.

Much of this is the fault of these two who could easily be in Best Actress.

Universal Studios, for example, decided to put the Carey Mulligan in supporting role, displacing Zoe Kazan to lead by “She Said”. Evidently, this is a strategy aimed at a possible chance of victory for one of the greats of her generation.

Paramount still hasn’t hit the hammer, but it should follow the same path with the Margot Robbie. The “Babylon” star may have the biggest chance of a career to win the first Oscar of his career. Now, if they decide to take her to Best Actress, it opens up the possibility for the great Jean Smart in great phase after the success of “Hacks”.

In the midst of names beyond known to the world audience, there are also possibilities for news coming from very strong films of the season.

These are the cases of Nina Hosspartner of Cate Blanchett in “TÀR”, Hong Chau highly praised alongside Brendan Fraser for “The Whale” and still the Kerry Condonthe female name of “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

Complete the reveal team Thuso Mbedu who is not intimidated by Viola Davis and is great in “The King Woman”.


Despite a lot of dispute, there are names with a guaranteed spot in Best Supporting Actress. Two of them, by the way, are in the same film.

THE Claire Foy and Jessie Buckley, both for “Women Talking”, must be Sarah Polley’s drama-packed nominations for the category. However, the fact that both are well-known weighs in here, the former interpreter of Queen Elisabeth has already been snubbed in the category by “The First Man” and Buckley has had a great time.

THE Jamie Lee Curtis completes the team for “Everything Everywhere at the Same Time”. It’s a completely unusual, fun performance, coming from an actress never before nominated for an Oscar. All this in a very strong film in the current season.

If Jamie Lee Curtis can’t be nominated in 2023, better quit.

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