8 last minute costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and there are people who put effort into getting dressed, which requires effort. If you’ve planned a party but still don’t know what to wear, or if you’ve painted something unexpected and you’ve already rummaged through your closet for something interesting to no avail, we have ideas to save you. Check out a selection of 8 last-minute costumes to recreate at home.

Last minute Halloween costumes

Mia Wallace from pulp Fiction

pulp Fiction is a Quentin Tarantino classic and one of the characters, Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman), is iconic. If you have a white shirt, black pants, and black flats, it’s pretty much ready. After all, who doesn’t have these items in their wardrobe, right? The only thing missing is the wig, in case your hair doesn’t look like hers (a black bob with bangs). This costume can still be used as a couple, since the character Vincent (John Travolta), is also quite simple to recreate. In the photo we have Vanessa Hudgens and her ex-boyfriend Austin Butler, the Elvis in Baz Luhrmann’s film, as the characters created by Tarantino.

Spice Girls


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Who’s from the Spice Girls generation? Most likely, if the answer is yes, you have already had a group of friends and a dispute over who was who in the girl band. This could be a current fantasy idea (the 1990s and 2000s are all the rage, remember?) and a chance to fulfill that teenage wish. If you have a sporty outfit in your closet, it might be Mel C. Those leopard pants you haven’t worn in years are great for Mel B. A tight little black dress might be the look of Victoria Beckham, and the pink for Emma Bunton (and still enters the Barbiecore trend). Now, if you happen to have an outfit with the UK flag, you already have the Geri Halliwell costume. Again, the wig is necessary, depending on your hair type and Spice chosen. They have very different identities and manage to please many styles.

Sandy from grease


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This costume even has a homage tone if you’re a big fan of Grease. Olivia Newton-John, immortalized as Sandy in the film, died this year, in August. But she left a legacy for pop culture and her character’s clothing, in the bad girl version is very simple to reproduce. What you’ll need: lots of hairspray to hold a voluminous hairstyle, skinny pants (or leggings), a crop top, a leather jacket and platform heels (it can be a flat shoe too, it’s up to you and your comfort).

Cruella de Vil

Do you have a luxurious dress and coat (if it has a Dalmatian print then you were right) lying around in your closet? So the Cruella de Vil costume comes along. Great bet for cold nights, you look beautiful and warm. Oh! Don’t forget the wig. Emma Stone, protagonist of the live action from the villain of 101 Dalmatianspaved the way for Cruella’s triumphant return and there’s nothing fairer than enjoying this Halloween.


Following the cue of villains, another one that has been talked about in recent years has been Joker, thanks to the film starring Joaquin Phoenix. With the sequence guaranteed, the character is still on the rise and so is his fantasy. A red suit already makes you look like the Joker, you just need makeup, which is ideal not to be perfect, and green hair, something easy to achieve with a spray paint.

Wandinha Addams

And speaking of returning characters, Wandinha Addams has always been iconic in all the Addams Family adaptations. She recently won a series on Netflix with Jenna Ortega and expectations for the premiere are high. A black dress with a collar, a pair of braids and a blasé expression make you look like Wandinha.

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Another goth is the vampire Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. The big difference is the fringe, so maybe it’s easier if you already have the cut or want to debut a fringe at a Halloween party. A basic black dress and striped socks get you into character.

Beverly Hills Patricinhas

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash) were fashionistas even for going to school and their clothes are references. You can look at a plaid skirt and blazer without remembering Beverly Hills Patricinhas? Here’s what you need for a costume from the movie, which was released in the 1990s and sets trends many years later.

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